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You must be tired of all the true, fair, objective and ethical stories put out by our mainstream media! That is of course, “speaking truth to power” journalism. What about something else for a change? Well, you got to the right place!

Website Design

A few words on the website design - This website has been designed from ground up, using modern CSS and HTML syntax. No cookies, no trackers and other unethical stuff.

We don’t use any of the popular “frameworks” because we cannot control what ELSE is in there. We don’t use databases AT ALL. So NOTHING is stored. Entire site is static, built on Hugo. For now, NO Javascript is used except as used by the disqus comment below. The only external resource used are a couple of Google Fonts.

This is also homemade & an experiment in learning. So it may appear a bit raw or inelegant, please forgive! As we dont use complex javascript, browser detectors etc., this site may not work on older browsers.

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You can email us at info at falsenews dot com for comments, feedback, content related queries and anything else!

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You can also post your comment and feedback here for the entire site or any particular article. Please see disqus link below.

You must be tired of reading accurate, independent, unbiased and truthful reports in Indian mainstream media. You want something different! Something false! This site is for you!

Contact us over email: info at falsene4ws dot com.

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