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Dealing with Social Media gorillas

It is not going to be easy for Indian government to deal with the 800 pound gorillas of modern social media. But that’s no excuse for inaction.

Cabinet reshuffle 2021

It’s about time and it’s been rumoured for a while now. It should happen. But how?

MVA confusion

A lot of speculation over the Maharashtra ruling alliance and its fate is going on. Will it survive?

Republic Day horror

Let’s focus on what DID NOT happen on 26th Jan. That’s much more important.

Different news - same conclusion!

The Nidhi Harvard “phishing” saga has come to light. And a leading journalist has written a beautiful piece. Both tell us same thing.

Farm law protests

The protests by farmers over recent changes to laws have put Modi govt in a peculiar situation

Bihar lessons - 3

A fresh topic has emerged for “liberal” outrage. No Muslims among NDA MLAs and ministers in Bihar. Who is to blame?

When courtiers "criticise"

Sometimes we see “criticism” of the dynasty from its loyal media servants. But scratch the surface!

Bihar lessons - 2

The focus of this article is on BJPs agenda for governance, not just in Bihar but anywhere.

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