When Intellectuals expose themselves!
May 23, 2020

Public trust in our leftist intellectuals is at historical low. And then came this statement!

The “Mission Jai Hind” Plan

A group of individuals, usually referred to in leftist media as “public intellectuals” or “activists” came out with this brilliant action plan to counter the current COVID crisis. Cleverly titled as “Mission Jai Hind”. Mind you, many of these left elites are opposed to overt displays of patriotism and consider it crass, majoritarian, uncouth and even fascist. But now a grandoise label like “Jai Hind” suits their purpose, so that is fine! And thereby began an entire saga of intellectual deceit, fraud, lies and arrogance. The key operative part of the plan was the expropriation of all the nation’s wealth. This was made abundantly clear in its text. We reproduce it below:

“All the resources (cash, real estate, property, bonds etc) with the citizens or within the nation must be treated as national resources available during this crisis;"

Intellectual Loot

This naturally created a storm of protests, most of it in the social media.

Let us analyse the statement, its implications and the intellectual chicanery & fraud that emerged out it.

The Intellectuals

Many of the activists and “intellectuals” that signed this (or were claimed to signatories by Yogendra Yadav or whoever orchestrated this) are known to be close to the Congress dynasty. Their newspaper articles and OpEds often feature vicious attacks on Modi and BJP as a matter of routine. Some of them were part of the infamous “NAC” an un-elected body that defacto governed the country during the UPA years. This body chaired by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi was widely perceived as a super cabinet, only not accountable to the people. It was packed with leftists and fellow travelers.

The objections

Clearly many were taken aback by the open call for appropriating private wealth, that we quoted earlier. Condemnations flew thick and fast, not just from BJP’s sympathisers in the social media but from others more impartial too. For example, Prof. Shamika Ravi tweeted “Such ‘leading economists’ have done enough damage already in this country. This document is an assault on private property in India.”. Clearly they read it right. After all it was worded very clearly and with examples too! Those known for their pro BJP sympathies went ballistic of course!

The reaction

Once the reactions hit the social media world, furious backpedaling followed. The statement itself was eventually modified and a harmless paragraph that merely calls for extra taxes inserted in its place! The entire left ecosystem then went about demanding that the controversy should “end”, because it is convenient to them, of course. Had it been otherwise, there’d be NYT op-eds on that by now. But let us go back to the reaction that followed the original statement!

Ramchandra Guha promptly disassociated himself from the statement, even implying it was changed after he signed! He promptly deleted this tweet, such is the “discipline” of the left ecosystem to erase away its track record and replace it with hypocrisy. Maitreesh Ghatak, one of the signatories said “It is not intended to be confiscatory or to advocate large-scale nationalisation”.

Even Prof. Asutosh Varshney claimed he signed something else! Clearly some of these intellectuals were cheating and defrauding the others! Such is their level of intellectual honesty and ethics. No wonder some of them did not see much issues in becoming durbaris of the UPA regime, collecting petty favours and singing their praise as well as not questioning the loot and plunder.

What was NOT seen was contrition, apology or even a clear admission of error in judgement. Instead along with “clarifications” came denials and tongue twisters as well as blatant denials that the orignal statement was what it meant! Clearly these intellectuals take the public for fools.

Yogendra Yadav led the “let us brazen through this” approach. He started comparing increasing taxes with the original demand and pretended that the text meant that! His reply to Ms. Ravi was clearly an attempt to brazen his way through, though it convinced no one.

“I would wait to see what Prof @ShamikaRavi says a few weeks after the free fall that we are in and when the Govt belatedly invokes the simple principle of raising additional revenue we state here."

In other words, anyone approving of higher taxes due to COVID (something the same intellectuals subsequently recommended) is not eligible to question the call to extort wealth! Yadav even claimed his original proposal was “minimal”. To quote, “Was surprised to see a simple, minimalist proposal being twisted.”. Naturally one has to wonder if seizing all wealth is minimal, what maximal is! Gulag camps? One way tickets to Siberia? Polpotist pogroms?!

The typical leftist trick of resorting to empty verbiage and lofty words to drown the reader in confusion and escaping blame or treating others as not “nuanced enough” to appreciate and therefore unwashed illiterates was resorted to as well!. Here’s Prof Varshney:

“Economic theory remains embedded in a utilitarian logic. Political theory after JS Mill has moved from utility to rights. Citizens should not die of hunger, especially if public stocks have a surplus. The migrants have a right to be fed. 7.1 is not an attack on private property.”

The Hypocrisy!

Aashish Chandorkar hit the nail on the head when he tweeted “But here’s the larger problem - intellectuals who can’t be true to each other or can’t follow a process to write a letter or both want to run India."


Many also pointed to the hypocrisy of a bunch of non-resident (we don’t know the passports they hold) economists demanding that everyone’s property including cash, bonds and stocks should be expropriated by the government!

But the best conclusion was from Abhishek Banerji! See image below.

Abhishek’s tweet

The conclusion

We can conclude a few things from this saga.

One is that these super intelligent intellectuals, as Aashish pointed out, can’t even draft a one page memo without serious drafting errors (at the very least) and mutual attempts to defraud each other to sign and then change drafts.

The other is that PolPotist left narratives packaged as pro-poor has always been about extortion, expropriation and plunder to benefit a few that do not have to fight elections or respect dissent. These intellectuals want to put the country on a sliding slope of fascist dictatorship where their rule is absolute, like it was in their demi-Gods like Stalin or Mao or Pol Pot.

People of this country have rejected such murderous ideologies but it always tries to make a backdoor entry. If violence is not likely to accomplish such objectives, then chicanery, masked agendas and fake concern for poor can do the trick. At least that’s what they hope. It is up to the rest of us to stay awake and defeat this.

Jai Hind (and we mean it!)

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