Let's focus on the substance!
May 25, 2020

Intellectuals want us to focus on the substance of their “Jai Hind” plan. Let’s obey them!

Quickly wash hands, move on!

Our left intellectual cabal wants to remember what Golwalkar said in 1930 or Savarkar in 1890. But when it comes to their own affairs, the minute they instruct us, we are supposed to stop “harping on” their mistakes and “move on” to the “substance” of their proposals.

So when their transparent attempts at expropriation worded clearly so despite fake denials was trashed by everyone including their most vocal supporters, far from apologising, the attempt was to blame the readers and claim that it was never their intention!. Not surprisingly this further reduced their credibility among the viewers already disgusted by their double standards and deafening silence on loot and plunder of as well as nepotist association with their political pals.

So we are told, “focus on the proposal itself not on 7.1”. Ok let us do that! And see what we are left with!

The Substance, or is there?

Migrants Point 1 deals with “Bring migrants home”. In brief it wants the state to bring the migrants home, free of charge, caring for them in the meantime.

It should be obvious that the Central governments and states like UP are actually doing this. You may question the efficiency, delays or inadequacy. That is fine, but the suggestions are nothing new. As far as failure to care for them is concerned, as we already pointed out, this is the fault of the so-called “rich states” that should have done it. As many of them are ruled by Congress, these “intellectuals” never raised any issues on that and were faithful to their promise of Omerta as always!

There has been reports that states like Delhi deliberately floated rumours & dumped workers at state borders. Rajasthan not only failed to keep them safe, instead of arranging them transport, organised a drama of Priyanka doing it for them! But did you hear anything from any of these “intellectuals”? Of course not! They are quite clear which side of their ideological or financial bread is buttered!

Stand with care givers. Point 2 is about care givers, PPEs, etc.Again, this is motherhood and has been by and large done.

India’s PPE domestic manufacturing has gone from ZERO to almost 200,000 per day, and growing! This has not only wiped out shortages but given room for exports too. Same goes for masks, ventilators and a whole lot of other things. Yes, it took a while. But the lockdown and slower rates of growth has bought us time. The crisis has shown normal systems do break when faced with onslaught of the sort it was never designed for. Even Lombardy’s (Italy) medical facilities, considered one of best in Europe could not cope. Sixty years of under investment in health, largely under active and benign neglect of these very same intellectuals and their friendly political parties, cannot be wiped out in a month.

Same for protection of care givers. Not only have govt leaders emphasised this time and again, laws have been passed and a variety of initiatives ranging from free insurance to enhanced compensation have been announced. Yes, you can always ask for more of the same or question here and there but this is nothing new or revolutionary for us to wait for our intellectual elite to tell us what to do!

When Modi wanted to symbolically show support for caregivers and inculcate the culture of respect in masses, looter dynasties, corrupt yellow media, durbaris as well as pseudo intellectual charlatans poured scorn on him. Are we going to believe their shedding tears for the same people?

PDS improvements Again, much has been done, both in Center and in states. Apart from free rations for migrant workers, FM Nirmala Sitharaman has already announced enhanced support, even for those without ration cards or Aadhar. There is no big genius involved in demanding a few kilos more. Had Modi given that these intellectuals would have bumped up that number by another 5kg and asked for it! Many governments as well as NGOs are running community kitchens. Yes, they can be improved or enhanced. But tell us, what’s new?

MNREGA Jobs This is one area where Modi govt has already taken a lot of steps, ranging from minor increase in wages, additional allocation of Rs.40,000 crores, extra mandays in states affected by returnee migrants etc. Many states, including UP have already announced similar steps of their own. Just asking for more days or more wages is easy and we dont need intellectual elite to do that!

Compensation for job loss etc Many of the suggested steps have already been done, albeit in a smaller way. Funds have already been credited to rural poor through the Jan-dhan scheme. Yes, you can always demand more. MSMEs have been given substantial credit boost. Interest subvention has been given in a targeted manner. The list of steps is long. And we have many trade unions, including those affiliated with the ruling BJP, already asking for more. They always will. Thanks, intellectuals, we dont need you!

Interest waiver Again, this is more of same. RBI has deferred several mortgage payments, states have waived recoveries, interest etc. Rates have been brought down. Again, it is easy (and perfectly legitimate) to demand more.

But the state has to keep its powder dry because this is NOT a one time disaster like a cyclone or earthquake. It is continuing, with no end in sight. Spending away money that belongs to our children and grandchildren is easy. But the extra inflation, bad ratings, and higher interest rates it brings on its wake will punish the poorest the most! Rich have assets like property, gold and foreign assets that are immune to inflation and government spending orgies. Poor have nothing of that sort! They will be wiped out if we listen to every fake intellectual telling government to spend like crazy from Day 1.

FM and well as PM Modi have already announced that more effort will be made to help as situation evolves. I am pretty sure they will. And we have not seen the end of either the crisis or the government response yet.

In fact, state governments collect a lot of taxes too, and these intellectuals have not demanded anything of them, because their target is Modi!


So to summarise, there is nothing new in this proposal. More of same, just add 100% or 2x to whatever Government is doing and demand it as if that’s a big achievement!

Is this the best our intellectual elite, many of them from global universities, can think of? Could they not suggest innovative ways to get things done instead of suggesting what every kindergarten kid knows needs to be done? After all, do we need Ramchandra Guha to tell us economy is in trouble? Any rickshaw driver can tell you!

Even if you ignore their ham handed earlier attempts to defraud each other and present unapproved drafts, this effort is a complete waste of time, intellectually lazy, politically suspect and economically disastrous!

Furthermore, if these signatories had displayed a little bit more of intellectual honesty and acknowledged steps already taken by government, listed specific deficiencies, suggested specific remedies, instead of presenting everything as if it’s their own discovery, some credibility could be attached. Alas, no!

That would have required far more respect for truth, intellectual integrity as well as unbiased and undivided loyalty to the nation, not just corrupt dynasties and Stalinist ideologies.

Is it any surprise that through ten years of UPA loot and plunder, dynastic power grab, policy paralysis and worse, these intellectuals were playing fiddle to the regime, enjoying power without responsibility via NAC and not “speaking truth to power”?

India deserves better!

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