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Jul 7, 2021

Stan Swamy’s death in a private hospital has re-opened the dubious debate on human rights etc. Let us try to analyse!

The right way

Before we get into other aspects, let us make one thing clear. These should apply to ALL cases.

  • Custody and arrest should be exception not rule.
  • Trigger for arrest should be lack of cooperation. Or genuine flight risk.
  • For heinous crimes like rape, murder, terrorism etc., the bar can be lowered but subject to independent scrutiny at the EARLIEST (not after months).
  • Humane treatment, reasonable medical care, appropriate but not luxurious facilities for ALL suspects.
  • Quick trial and punishment or acquittal.

This has been our opinion for a long time now. Clearly India has failed BIG TIME in all of these aspects, that too for decades now. Leftists and Congres that are shedding tears for Stan Swamy should get a bulk of the blame. More on that now.

The hypocrisy!

Naturally when someone from the leftist side is arrested, given the extent of media & academia control Stalinist left enjoys, there’s widespread “outrage”. Everyone from UN, NYT and Amnesty etc get into the game and throw sound bytes. A person’s innocence is assumed, regardless of the horrendous nature of the charges. Police case is dismissed as “planted evidence” or “vendetta”. Every incident is “hate crime” if the victim is not Hindu, even if it’s for routine reasons like quarrel over train seats, road rage, theft of property or cattle etc. If the killer is a Muslim then reverse happens. We are told not to “communalise”.

In the case of Stan Swamy, nothing is being said of the fact that he is an old man well past the average life expectancy of an Indian male, with co-morbidities. He was treated in a good private hospital, by good doctors, and did not die in some cell. Yes, those very factors should have been grounds for bail but he would have likely gotten that had he lived a few more hours.

Even as they rush to proclaim the innocence of Swamy, nothing is being said about the mass murders, rapes, track blastings, eye gougings and throat slittings of the Marxist, Stalinist, Polpotist, Maoist gangs that recieve back-office support and nourishment from so-called activists and rights campaigners. Their crimes are real, not just an “idea”. Their victims and their families are real people too. And it is a fact that so-called intellectuals operate in various well camoflagued ways to provide succour to murderous ideologies. They have been the consiglieries, shared services center operators, message couriers, treasurers, and bankers.

Dont believe Modi and his team? Ask P. Chidambaram, he has talked enough about it. When in power of course. Same goes for Manmohan Singh. Of course, now they will talk with forked tongue.

One can safely conclude that if the ideology espoused by Stan Swamy kind rules India, dissidents wont die of old age in private hospitals. They will die a horrible death. Left rule in Indian states has given more than a free trailer of what is to come.

Leftists (and bootlicking media sycophants of fascist looter dyansties) also often cheer arbitrary arrests, persecution of RW figures. They even demand use of “sedition” charges and other draconian laws they supposedly oppose. Recall any outrage over arrest of Arnab Goswami? Or harassment of Kangana Ranaut? Prosecution of journalists in Bengal? Police evidence becomes gospel. Reams and pages are printed often adding unverified “masala” to further incriminate the person in public opinion. Presumption of innocence is thrown to trash. This is true even when BJP is not in power. So it has nothing to do with “speaking truth to power”. Dont let them fool you.

RW too is not guilt free in this. If some Baba or so-called “god man” is arrested they rush to defend even if the crime is a very serious one. Naturaly they cheer if the victim of state abuse is a leftist.

It’s a vicious cycle. But who started it?

Practically every one of the laws that Modi is supposedly “misusing” was put in place by Indira Gandhi dynasty aka Congress, cheered on by the Polpotist left & its media / academia coolies that pretends to be human rights activists today. Why? Because they never thought they will be at the wrong end of the gun. It’s typical left hypocrisy plain and simple.

What can be done?

  • Anyone interested in genuine human rights should call for genuine reform.
  • RW or left every citizen of India is entitled to protection from abuse of law
  • Bad laws should be thrown off books. We can fight terror the proper way. Whatever terror it is. Left, right, green, red or saffron.
  • Exact same outrage for every case of abuse, not calibrated based on who the victim is.
  • Strengthen juidiciary. Make it accountable too. Time spent deciding oxygen tank allocations, running cricket and deciding CA exam dates etc., can be done clearing backlog.

But given Indian political situation today, it is too much to ask for! So we will have more Stan Swamys or Sadhvis.

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