More Rafael drama
Feb 8, 2019

The Rafael saga goes on! Now “The Hindu” publishes some internal MoD memo to rae up more dirt. But what’s behind this?

What really is going on?

  1. GE 2019 is not too far off. This means, now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party. The “Ecosystem” has to deliver now, having failed in 2014 to make any difference.
  2. We are all old enough to remember 2014. UPA had enjoyed two full terms. So you would have expected that the media that shouts from rooftops about being “fearless and speaks truth to power” and keeps a “critical” eye on the powers that be will focus on UPA’s scam tainted, disastrous track record?
  3. Of course not! The entire focus was on the challenger - Narendra Modi. A whole bunch of columnists as well as the usual crowd of “eminent intellectuals”, “academicians”, “civil society activists” started flooding the media with articles that questioned the “Gujarat model” and declared it a big failure. The entire theme song of the “speak truth to power” crowd was Modi will not, should not and cannot come to power.
  4. Now the same crowd, having spent the past five years, 80% of the time attacking Modi relentlessly on anything and everything and the other 20% of the time lamenting the “shrinking space for dissent” (read that as shrinking chances to mint money) will focus on the challenger, Rahul Gandhi and his capabilities?
  5. Of course not! The focus is entirely on Modi!. Rahul gets a free pass to attack Modi and gets all the help he needs. Out comes this “expose” - by the same leftist Hindu.

Where will it lead?

  1. Clearly the so-called expose is nothing but the usual intra-babudom struggle for control something babus have been doing for millennia! This sort of power struggle goes on every day with each department trying to ensure they and only they will be the deciding authority. We inherited this from the British and have done nothing to change it. And we have paid terrible price for this with delays, costs and worse.
  2. The PMO is not an outsider, it has all rights to question each ministry and its activities. It can exercise oversight and take charge of things when needed. After all, people elected Modi to deliver. In fact the opposition even goes out of the way to assure the defence minister, she is not the target of its attacks! Modi is. And is it a big mistake if he runs the show?!
  3. But then media that quietly went along with the “UPA Chair” Sonia Gandhi exercising super-PM powers without any accountability, now makes a big issue of PM doing his job!
  4. As usual this gets picked up by Rahul Gandhi who then throws his own masala into the mix - about “Ambani getting Rs.30,000 crore” which is not just a lie but a verifiable, pathetic lie. Of the sort we have come to expect from him.
  5. The same media will now sing convenient songs about how “Rahul has come of age” (for the 100th time), and is “hitting Modi where it hurts”, “setting the narratives, putting BJP on back foot” etc., completing the mutually convenient loop.
  6. Will the public buy this?
  7. It depends. cd3. Depends on how they perceive Modi’s performance in general. If they are happy they are going to ignore this. If they are unhappy for any reason, they are going to buy this. Or for that matter any other wild allegation.
  8. That’s the way it works, whether you like it or not!

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