Modi ends a saga of barbaric discrimination
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Jun 26, 2020

The narratives in Western liberal media is one of unvarnished hate & Hinduphobia dressed up as progressive, liberal and respect for human rights. Little is known of institutionalised racism, discrimination and bigotry in Kashmir that has gone on for decades

Victimised communities

In the name of “regional autonomy”, a form of institutionalised discrimination, bigotry and medieval barbarism has been going on for decades in Indian controlled part of Jammu & Kashmir. Under this regime, persons that have been living for decades, including refugees from the days of India’s independence in 1947 have been denied residence rights and property rights. Dalits or the “untouchables” faced a fate much worse than what they went through under left’s favorite whipping boy “Brahminism”. Even postgraduates were only eligible for sweeper jobs! What is worse is, women that do have rights lose them when they marry non locals!. Of course, men don’t.

Islamist groups, given the usual cover fire by the left liberals, that drove out the Kashmir’s indigenous Hindu Pandits at gunpoint & using rapes and murders, were simultaneously and openly calling for settling Burmese Rohingya immigrants in Kashmir! So all those farcical excuses of “preserving regional identity” etc., were exposed to be exactly what they were!.

All this was justified by left liberals as well as the “freedom” cabal. No prices for guessing, the victims were mostly Hindus and Dalits. There were no Magasaysay awards, Puliter prizes, Donations to fake NGOs for buying Chianti bottles, NYT or WaPO OpEd chances, lucrative gigs with Western liberal think tanks and Universities or London / Geneva trips to take up these causes, so the left not only ignored the plight of victims, it supported their oppressors in brazen manner. Much like slavery and anti-black laws and practices were defended on the sly in the US South in the name of “state rights”, the omnibus excuse was “state autonomy”.

And to rub salt into the wound, insulting terms like “outsiders”, “invaders” are being applied “liberally” to describe people living for decades and born in the same state! Imagine saying this of second or third generation immigrants in USA! Again, the fact that you have to be a resident for 15 years and prove that to get a residency certificate is being carefully brushed out to peddle narratives of jihadists and Stalinists in their “all weather alliance”.

What was more tragic that Valmiki community members who had postgraduate degrees couldn’t apply for government job other than that of a sweeper. India Today spoke to the representatives of the Valmiki community who expressed their gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (1)

Usual left whataboutery

When confronted with this sordid history, a variety of usual Stalinist propaganda tactics were deployed to avoid facing facts. Some were told not to “weaponise” their suffering. Yet others were tarred with “Islamophobia” as if talking about bigotry is offensive to Islam, a religion the same liberals declare to be one of peace and equality! Others declared they had “no issues with women not getting such rights” if that is want Kashmiris want! A many others resorted to whataboutery. What about Dalit rights in India?

These arguments ignore one fundamental point: There is a huge difference between racism or bigotry in society ( something you can accuse practically any country or race of ) and those written into law and enforced at gunpoint! That is exactly why slavery was banned in US and so was apartheid. Yes that did not end all of blacks’ problems. But at the very least, law has to, at least on paper, be neutral or favor the oppressed.

Secondly, if whataboutery is going to be the logic, why not discuss the status of Dalits and marginalised communities in the ranks of Stalinist Politburos and the fake liberal leftist cabal that runs the “human rights” racket? Even a casual glance at their names, identifies and backgrounds will show very clearly their upper caste as well as class DNAs!

Thirdly, if Amit Shah or BJP can be described as “fascist” for talking about illegal immigration into Assam or Bengal, are we to understand those states dont have any indigenous culture worth preserving? The people of those states have no rights to similar demands as Kashmiris? Should they be insulted for that? Clearly the left interpretation of what is “cultural identify” depends on who asks for it. If Kashmiris ask for it, that is morally justifiable. If Shiv Sena asks for it, they are “thugs”, unless of course, they support Sonia Gandhi in which case they morph into progressives. If a Assamese asks for it, he is a fascist.

In all this, the underlying theme is quite simple - cultural genocide and Polpotist pogrom on Hindus as well as Hinduism which the left sees as the biggest obstacle to grabbing power. Once you understand that, each and every one of leftists’ actions become clear as crystal.

The change

The scrapping of Article 370 and related legal changes has put an end to this system. Now long term residents of Kashmir can apply for and receive their papers. In order to prevent the usual outrages over “invasion” etc., a 15 year residency requirement has been kept. This is fair as it is much less than what liberals in the West expect of illegal immigrants.

One hope Modi govt will stay the course and deal ruthlessly with leftists and jihadists posing as “liberals” in justifying and continuing with this barbarism.


  1. Link to India Today article on the change

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