JNU Saga
Feb 14, 2016

The recent protest gathering in JNU to eulogise Afzal Guru (terorist hanged for his crimes) has turned the spotlight once again on issues such as campus freedom, intolerance, leftist activism etc. We presetn our views:

Government of the day has to give a long rope, much longer than they give to others, for campus activism. After all youth is the time for such passion and energy. Even if these activists occassionally misuse their freedom, as long as they don’t engage in actual acts of violence or acts that may lead to that, there is no harm closing one eye.

Having said this, we have to highlight several things

This is not the first time JNU leftist students have been committing such acts. In the name of freedom of expression there has been a steady flow of bad news. Calling Goddess Durga, venerated by many Hindus a ‘prostitute', engaging in vitriolic abuse of Hindu religion and open support for Naxal killings have all been the staple of leftwing activism at JNU.

What is even more worrying is, this so called ‘freedom of expression' has always been defined as it always is defined in countries ruled by Marxists (such as China or North Korea). In other words, the freedom is only as long as you are some shade of red. If not vandalism, violence, abuse and all forms of protest have been used to shut down any genuine debate or discussion. The recent brouhaha over Baba Ramdev is an example. The left wing students of JNU simply do not want any freedom of expression to anyone other than themselves. This is hypocrisy.

Furthermore, the extraordinary sensitivity shown to ‘victims' of Indian aggression and American ‘imperialism' and Israel, in Kashmir or elsewhere is rarely showed to victims fo jihadi terror or to movements suppressed by communist rulers in China. One cannot recall JNU students protesting mass killings in Tibet, Xinjiang or abuses of human rights by leftist regimes in Latin America. But then we don’t expect this of a group of violent ideologues that worship Stalin, Mao and other mass murderers, do we? Even if some students want such discussion or debate, they are brutally suppressed by the Stalinist cabal who don’t want their ideological gurus and handlers questioned.

Given this background, what should the government do? We have some suggestions

Instruct the police to be professional, methodical in its work. It is too easy to grab headlines arresting a few "leaders" without proof that can stand scrutiny in our famously "liberal" courts that handle the likes of Tejpal and Teesta with kid gloves.
What that means is, direct video proof should be the first minimal requirement for any arrest. Prosecution for ‘conspiracy' can be considered at a later stage, against leaders who may have inspired, instigated but did not personally dirty their hands.
Build up opinion in public domain against leftist fake activism, highlighting their selective outrage, obedience to Beijing, justification of brutal murder of innocents etc. The crimes against humanity of their controlling organisations like CPM, CPML can also be highlighted. This again has to be done with sufficient evidence and be fact based. Obviously organisations like ABVP play a role here but they should avoid shrill noise and stick to logic, facts and reason. Remember, this is a battle of ideas.
Continue to reassure the student community that this is not against JNU or freedom of expression. Here the hypocrisy of the left in curtailing genuine freedom, often with violence and anarchy, needs highlighting.
Emphasise that jihadi terrorism and leftwing extremism are mutually reinforcing and have a regional alliance of convenience, that is amply proved by the "all-weather" friendship of communist China and Pakistani Army/ISI. Given the obedience of Indian left to their ideological gurus in Beijing, this alliance will obviously find its echo in India in the form of leftist support to jihadi groups.
Deal with firm hand any attempt to stifle debate. Leftist leaders often boast that no BJP affiliated poltician can enter JNU. This sort of violence should be dealt with firmly

Ideology of Polpotist mass murderers and Stalinist rapist savages can and should be confronted. If not India will end up with a regime like Khmer Rouge, Chavez or Kim Jong Il before you can say “laal salaam”

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