The Hindu proves us right!
Apr 2, 2019

We posted barely 24 hrs earlier about how different standards apply to BJP and the CONLEFT continuum when it comes to “secularism”. Little did we imagine we’ll be proved right so fast!

The Hindu Editorial

  1. The Hindu, the Chennai based English daily is practically a CPM mouthpiece, given its blatant pro left and pro Congress stance on various matters.
  2. Reading their “news” coverage you might be excused if you think you are reading some Congress run rag.
  3. In today’s editorial, Hindu finds Modi’s statement that Wayanad has majority community in minority has “communal overtones”!
  4. But of course, CPM Politburo member Brinda Karat’s statement that Rahul chose Wayanad, which has “significant Mulsim legaue influence” has no communal overtones!
  5. You can read the editorial here

This is what we said & it is worth repeating!

  1. As you know in India we have a strange definition of secularims.
  2. If someone from BJP says Wayanad is full of Muslim voters, he will be declared a fascist, hate monger and worse.
  3. Pseudo intellectual charlatans of Polpotist left and corrupt media agents of dynasties will wear liberal mask and outrage.
  4. That is because right wing is stupid.
  5. If you are a true progressive, you will be clever. You will instead say “Muslim league has significant presence in that constituency”.
  6. After all, we know Muslim league has great deal of influence with Christians and Brahmin voters too, dont we?
  7. You can read that brilliant “secular” way of saying something as well as the Stalinist left’s [angst over Rahul-jis candidature here!] (
  8. Any aspiring journalist or commentators has to learn such clever verbiage!

So if you read left propganda media attacks on Modi or BJP you know where they come from!

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