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Mar 26, 2014 - Comments

BJP's Grandpa Army

Jaswanth Singh, LK Advani, Lalji Tandon, MM Joshi, the list is getting longer by the day!

What’s going on?

It is quite simple – these gentlemen, who no doubt made sterling contributions alone or as a team in the past, are unable to digest the fact that times have changed. They simply could not bring the party to where it is right now – brink of victory when only a self-made disaster can spoil things. Remember 2012 when despite numerous scams and troubles, BJP was seen as ‘even worse’ hence not in the race? Now it is, not just in the race but leading it by a wide margin by most polls.

And, like him or not, who made the difference? Of course, it is Narendra Modi.

Unable to digest this, the geriatrics are now engaging in theatrics. What can they achieve?

At best they can achieve a few days of glory in the anti-Modi media – ample front page coverage, friendly shoulders to cry (literally cry, as shameless JS did) on and prime time slots.

At worse they may ensure BJP scores a spectacular self-goal.

Time will tell. If there is really a Modi-wave, they will be swept away. If there is none and BJP scrapes through, there will be a lot of squabbles and nothing much would matter anyway.