Intellectuals on Oxygen
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Apr 20, 2021

Sanghis learn from WhatsApp university. But liberals learn from intellectuals like Pritish Nandy.

Source of Oxygen

Pritish Nandy, as we all know, is one of our leftist intellectual giants. Pearls of wisdom often pour forth from his well trained pen. One such nugget that fell today is about medical oxygen.

As you know, Modi did not produce enough oxygen, causing massive shortages. People are trying hard to breathe.

Fear not! Our left intellectuals have a pure green solution!

The oxygen crisis reminds our genius that we should save trees. You see, COVID patients are having hard time breathing because we cut away trees.

Oxygen from air!

Dont try telling our public intellectuals that electric trains replace thousands of pollution spewing diesel buses and hence reduce CO2. You will be abused.

As if that were not enough, another genius, Mr. Ahmad Raza says increasing oxygen production will suck out all oxygen from the air! Must be a student of the intellectual giant Nandy saheb.

With such brilliant geniuses with scientific temper, any wonder India was a leading science power until Modi and his cow culture came in 2014?



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