Modi in US – Beware of terror trap

As Modi visits US to meet President Trump domestic media has been highlighting well known issues like the H1-B visa, Possible conflicts between “Make American Great Again” & “Make in India”, Paris accord etc. Expectations are lowered given the mercurial temperament of Trump and his past comments and policy decisions and the need for Modi to build a new relationship all over again.

Not much attention is being paid to one key agenda item – terror.

Terror may become a low hanging fruit, a good filler, convenient topic to discuss and forget other contentious issues, given the current global situation. Lofty press releases can be issued without much real work or progress and everyone feels good. So the temptation would be to spend too much time focusing on “terror”

That is where the danger lies! Why?

Because our terror problems are vastly different from USA’s.

  1. Even if you don’t agree with left loonies & their self flagellation anyone that has been following news over last 10,20 years should by now know this: West has paid for and purchased this current set of problems. Iraq, Libya, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, the list is endless.
  2. Regime changes enforced with brutal violence, often bombing from high up in the air with guaranteed civilian casualties, overthrow of secular, liberal dictatorships, endorsement of rabid fanatics of Muslim Brotherhood type, arming and funding dangerous jihadis with 7th century world views have all contributed to the terror problem that European cities and communities are facing today. If mainland America is somewhat more immune it is because of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans – an accident of geography.
  3. We cannot also close our eyes to the grim reality of USA funding jihadi terrorist generals of Pakistan with cash and arms worth “billions and billions and billions”, to borrow Donald Trump’s language, much of it used to spread terror against India and ironically against America itself!
  4. Despite decades of being cuckolded, American policymakers refuse to wake up as proven by recent articles in media seeking surrender to Pakistani “interests” in Afghanistan. One never knows, Trump may prove to be no different given past track record of American Presidents from Reagan to Obama.
  5. We can be proud that India has more than 100 million Muslims and despite this we don’t really have a serious genuine Islamic terror problem other than those created by Pakistan and its jihadi generals. This is the real truth.
  6. Like almost every other Indian of all colors, sizes and shapes, yes, Muslims have grievances but barring a microscopic minority they have not used terror to get them solved. (We have some concerns and suggestions to Modi government on this front but that is topic for another day).

Given this background, spending too much time on terror (which almost exclusively has come to mean Islamist terror) in discussions with US President will do more harm than good. Because it will be about THEIR problem not OURS. It will simply serve to further American interests which keep shifting like flavours of Ben & Jerry even if there is no regime change in America itself.  Simple example – is Qatar a terrorist state or an American base? Can it be both? Why are they sold armaments worth hundreds of billions?

The Americans will happy to sing song, hear us sing in perfect sync with their tunes on their terror problems but do zilch, zero to solve our problem which is Pakistan. That is one problem we have to solve ourselves.

Instead what we will get is lectures on human rights, democracy and what not. This, incidentally applies to Western Europe too.

Any discussion with Trump on terror should be private, low key, proportionate to its weight in the overall agenda and not talked about much in press conferences or public information releases. And the focus should be on OUR terror problem whose proximate cause is American funding of Wahhabi fanaticism in Pakistan.

West has enough money and muscle to solve their terror problem which, in case you missed it earlier, was caused by their own misadventures in Middle East and Africa.

Modi beware!


Will the liberals ever learn?!

The shocking (that is, to the commenterati) victory of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton has officially declared open the hand-wringing, breast beating season. But if you expect that it would lead to genuine introspection, let alone change of tactics or heart, you may have to wait a lot longer.

In fact, reading the various op-eds, Editorials and columns, one invariably come to the conclusion that despite this huge slap delivered by the electorate, the liberal elites have no intention of reading the writing on the wall. In fact they are doubling down for a more of the same and have launched vitriolic attacks on Trump and his not-yet-begun administration with even more venom.

It should be obvious by now Hillary Clinton was defeated because she as well as her fans in left-lib media insulted and bullied the largely (but not entirely) rural, white, blue-collar Americans who have been devastated over the last few years. The issue is not who is to blame for that or if their woes have any quick fix at all or if Trump has the answers.  It was as if their concerns did not matter and if they raise it, they were bigots, racists, patriarchal, gun-totting loonies. And, of course, Donald Trump was their Chief Trolling Officer.

By the way watch this video, Michael Moore the famous uber liberal activist cum filmmaker predicts exactly why Trump will win – and he turned out to be so right!

Obama’s infamous “cling to guns and religion” remark of 2008 revived in somewhat diluted form, is just one of the many insults thrown at this demography. Hillary too called half of Trump supporters (Almost 60m Americans of various colors voted for Trump) bigoted “deplorables”.

A quick study of the reactions to Trump’s victory shows that attitude has not changed at all.

To start with both Obama, who staked (and destroyed) his own legacy by abandoning his post and joining the Clinton campaign and Hillary herself, were not graceful enough in their messages. The sly references to constitution and democratic values seem to suggest the Democratic Party has some sort of copyright or patent on these and they will be enforced strictly like Steve Jobs did with Apple’s patents. That is far from the truth.

One wonders how the liberal media would have reacted if Donal Trump “conceded” by remarking the Republicans will continue to defend Americans from the future administration’s corruption, sleaze and influence peddling.

And then we have these Editorials and Op-Eds.

Washington Post’s Editorial Board seems to think they are some sort of warriors defending American and its “values” against barbarian Trump. Clearly the acceptance of the verdict is absent or at best, grudging.

In fact, Charles Lane goes even further, making this ridiculous argument that Trump is more dangerous because the elites failed to see the “miracle” coming!

Here, Thomas Friedman of NY Times calls him a “compulsive liar” a strange epithet to use considering he defeated Hillary Clinton, an accomplished serial liar who repeatedly lied about the entire email affair and destroyed evidence. And got her husband, a consummate liar of awesome reputation himself, to meet with the AG presumably to obstruct justice.

The Editorial Board of NY Times too refers to Trump’s “delusions and lies” as if he was the only politician to do so and Hillary was a paragon of truth and virtue!

And they are all making the simple constitutional, democratic, decent moral imperative and duty of support they need to extend to the newly elected leader a magnanimous gift that they, and only they in their large hearted kindness and grace, bestow upon the ineligible usurper!

Clearly the liberals just don’t want Trump to succeed and will throw every spanner they can find into the works.

Across the Atlantic, writing for Guardian, Kate Arnoff was being honest when she declared, perhaps on behalf of the entire liberal class, that “we organise to block him, every step of the way“. Of course, it doesn’t matter what he does. Block we will. The usual over the top Hitler analogies were in abundant supply as well.

Many of them are finally admitting that Hillary was a ‘flawed candidate’ perhaps the understatement of the entire election drama! But then no one saw or smelled this all this while.

With such “friends” the Democrats sure don’t need too many enemies!