Media spin on Akhilesh Yadav and the pariWAR

For the past few years, the “Modi cannot, should not, will not win” left “liberal” cabal has been searching for a suitable white knight to come riding to their rescue. After high hopes placed on Kejriwal turned out to be dud investment, the search is still on. The main messiah, Rahul Gandhi continues to move from one gaffe to another, keeping even in staunchest advocates scrambling for justifications and explanations.

In the meantime, Narendra Modi has taken control and the elaborate system of patronage and privilege setup over decades is unraveling at rapid pace. Give him another five years the famine would become unbearable.

Now it appears Akhilesh Yadav of Samajwadi Party, described by its own well wishers as one of musclemen, has become the latest messiah. His qualification? Unlike his pop Mulayam, he doesn’t want the Prime Minister chair for himself, happy to leave that for Rahul Gandhi to chase in exchange for another five years in Lucknow throne. Demonetisation too has given them a lot of hopes. As Smita Gupta puts it in Hindu, it presents an “opportunity“, never mind the deaths in queue our liberals were shedding copious tears on.

So the prospect of happy of days of 2004 returning has our left media warriors salivating and licking their palms in anticipation. For sure Rahul will need Alimuddin’s support and approval to function so it can be back to the glory days of UPA 1. One can bet lobbying has already begun for NIC memberships, “research” positions, grants and ambassadorships and of course fresh “investments” by the likes of Naveen Jindal in their magazines and ventures.

The latest skirmish in the disgusting family quarrel dubbed “pariwar” has resulted in articles, op-eds and tweets bordering on bizarre and ridiculous. The goal appears to be to paint Akhilesh Yadav as the new-age messiah, untainted by all his years with his “muscleman” father and his gang of lathi wielding thugs and caste warriors. In the process the hope is that a grand “alliance” of Congress and SP will grab power and set the stage for Congress to return to power at the Center in 2019 no doubt propped up by the left and likes of Lalu Prasad Yadav. Let Kejriwal eat cake!

Two things are abundantly clear – One, NONE of these liberal stalwarts have anything worthwhile to say on Akhilesh Yadav’s five years in power and secondly none of the familiar noise about deprivation, poverty and marginalised subalterns is going to come in the way of singing the praise of new-age messiah of high-tech future.

Swait Chaturvedi writing for NDTV makes clear she is not even going to bother defending his track record – “Ahkilesh enjoys a lot of popularity, despite the Samajwadi government being a dismal failure in governance and law and order“. Guess it doesn’t matter, because “None of the SP’s criminal nexus mud will stick to him despite a lot of his candidates being also shortlisted by his father“. So it is OK if 80% of the candidates selected by both camps are same, dispute “only on 20-25 seats” and bizarrely, Akhilesh retains more of the current batch of MLAs than his father wants to! None of these will stop our media stalwarts from awarding “Tipu” the prize of new-era champion of clean politics. Saba Naqvi whose hatred for BJP is too well known to require elaboration helps out:

Smita Gupta of Hindu is not far behind in singing the praise of the new messiah. Again, she could not bring herself to certify the track record of her prince (that would stretch credulity too much) but engages in verbal gymnastics to spin it. “Now almost five years later, he may not have accomplished what he had set out to do, but he is that much closer to his goal

But if facts are inconvenient, rumour mongering is always an option available to our liberal, secular, progressive media, with the usual “anonymous” sources to the rescue. Ask any question, you will get labelled a fascist troll, bhakth, sanghi. Here goes Barkha Dutt

As Prasanna Viswanathan points out, the media elites were hailing Mulayam as a hero of secular forces not too long ago!

No scrutiny no questions asked

Moreover, NONE of the intense scrutiny of track record that Modi or any BJP CM was subject to, none of the wailing over infant mortality, lack of primary healthcare and other favorite topics of our left liberals was allowed to get in way of this wholesome praise of “Tipu”. No media crook posted pictures of garbge, potholes, dysfunctional school or hospital to “puncture” the development claims. Construction of a cricket stadium of “international” standards was praised as a “development” initiative and a key “achievement” without any of the usual breast beating over people dying of starvation etc. The Lucknow-Agra highway was similarly hyped as a major achievement when similar claims by any BJP leader would be dismissed with focus relentlessly kept on one those that lost their lands in the process.


It will be interesting to see if Akhilesh turns out to be the messiah that he is made out to be by the Delhi media or will turn out to be another Kejriwal. If Akhilesh kisses and makes up with his Uncle Shivpal and Pop Mualayam, accomodates the other 10-15% of candidates that are in dispute, expect the narrative to once again shift to ‘secularism’ from ‘development’ with Mulayam once again praised as the Lohiaite socialist mass leader, firm in his secular credentials and agendas. All talk of thugs with lathis will cease.