Sadhvi “hate speech” row

Hypocrisy and double standard

As if any reconfirmation is required at all, this episode has only provided fresh evidence of hypocrisy and double speak among our political class as well as fake liberal media. It would appear that two different standards apply depending on who you are. If you are from BJP or the Sangh parivar, first world standards of behaviour that would political correctness of USA, UK and other western standards apply. If you are not, then you can use any filthy, abusive, gutter language and join the ‘progressive, secular’ crowd after wiping your mouth with a tissue.

One did not have to wait too long for this to be proved beyond doubt. Within hours, Mamata Banerjee, whose MPs were vociferous in protesting in the RS, provided fresh proof. To quote TOI she “used crass words replete with invectives (sic) and accompanied by gestures that were downright vulgar“. Yet the dalal media was silent and made no mention of this in any of its coverage of the Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti affair.  Her MP Tapas Paul who threatened Marxists with rape, has of course not resigned, a demand made noisily by TMC MPs shamelessly for much milder words by the Sadhvi.

Omar Abdullah, not to be out done, was quoted by Mumbai Mirror with using the ‘b’ word, a charge he denies.  Be that as it may, he, Tapas Paul or Mamata Banerjee would not be the first or the last to use swear words and filthy language in the politics.

Media’s selective outrage

Our ‘progressive, liberal, secular’ media, dominated by the likes of Tejpal and Radia tainted yellow agents and corrupt coolies, was not too far behind its political pay masters in hypocrisy, selective outrage and double standards.  Media mouthpieces derisively labeled “Newstraders” vented out their feigned anger in op-eds, editorials and columns against the Sadhvi while remaining curiously silent on similar incidents involving non-BJP politicians.

In fact some even use language bordering on sycophancy when it comes to covering rude, vulgar abuse by BJP’s opponents, making it abundantly clear where their sympathies lie. More importantly their classification of so-called hate speech depends on who makes it and who it is targeted against. “Gives as good as she gets”, “Never the one to mince words”, “known for his frank opinions”, “forthright” and other positive phrases abound in media coverage of abuses against Modi and BJP. The usual journalist technique of selectively blacking out inconvenient words citing ‘editorial discretion’ is of course, always available.

It would indeed be sad if such biased and hypocritical approach by fake liberal left allows BJP to successfully highlight the built-in bias to the general public, thereby giving itself license to continued use of abusive language.  Any amount of moral posturing by the pseudo secular political class and their media coolies would fall on deaf ears as long it is not backed by proper conduct and decency on their part.

Senseless disruption

The opposition has been disrupting legislative and other business in the Rajya Sabha. One never hears the words “brutal majority” used by ‘independent’ media in this context, but this is precisely what is being used to hold the nation to ransom simply to score political brownie points. This is because these parties know, they will not get too far in the real stage where such ‘abusive’ words need to be taken up – In the streets and courts of public opinion. “What about you?” is the question that would confront them everywhere. Friendly media army is of no use there.

Here again, media has been selective in its outrage. Dailies like Hindu which used to write editorials slamming the BJP for similar disruptive tactics now use opposition friendly language to cover the disruption. TV channels like NDTV that were counting ‘cost’ of disruption appear to have lost their calculator.

One can only hope good sense would prevail and the prospect of being exposed by BJP outside the Parliament in the streets would force them to a workable compromise over this issue.





Author: Agent Yellow

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