Sasikala and Sonia

Let us come to the main point of this article right away: Why this discrimination? Why do our elite media warriors who suck up to the Mainos in Delhi thumb noses at V K Sasikala in Chennai?

In what way are they different?

Is one super duper educated sophisticated PM-grade leader only because of her skin? If it is not a sin for a former barmaid to actually run nation from behind scenes as “super PM”, is it wrong for a simple businesswoman from the provinces to do the same at state level?

Is keeping low profile, giving carefully choreographed interviews to even more carefully selected corrupt media propaganda agents aka “liberal journalists” OK for Madame but not for VKS? Why this derision?

Is involving all & sundry from family in politics alright for Congress but not for ADMK?

Is it OK for Robert Vadra to come out of nowhere and become “crorepathi” overnight thanks to his “connections” but not for Dinakaran and assorted nephews of VKS? And we are supposed to believe that only one of them is a natural born business whizzkid and the other is corrupt?

We have lost count of the number of “re-launch” and reinvigorated Rahul Gandhis that media helped launch in the past ten years or so, but will same chance be given to Sasikala’s kin?

Turning MGR/JJ’s ADMK into a “family property” is sin, but turning Gandhi’s Congress into a dynastic property is OK?

The list goes on..but you get the point!

Let us also make one thing clear – we are holding no brief for VKS, nor do we like to see her anywhere near power, but the hypocrisy and selective outrage of our corrupt elites is stupefying!