Modi Wave redux

We wrote about the 10 point test – now that results are out, let us see how he fares

1. BJP crosses 182 – Well, nothing to be said here! PASS

2. Pappu loses / scrapes thru’ – PASS

3. Karnataka votes lots of BJP MPs – BJP won 17 so you could say PASS

4. BJP impress in KL,WB,TN – PASS

5. NDA gets 300+ – Sure, it got there! PASS

6. Bigwigs incl Jaitley win – wonder what made me mention Jaitley by name, but I guess it was well known the contest was fierce and close. FAIL

7. Jaswanth Singh defeated – PASS

8. Modi wins big in Varanasi PASS

9. BJP wins heavy in Delhi, deals blow to AAP PASS

10.  BJP wins big in Urban areas – PASS

Wow, that’s 9 out of 10! Impressive indeed!





Author: Agent Yellow

A highly trained propaganda agent! Yellow is my favorite color!