Communalising & politicising Army appointments

As we all know, there is this shrill and noisy brigade of self-appointed guardians of “Idea of India”. This gang was shouting from rooftop for years that Modi “cannot, should not and will not” win. But then he did. So now he has to be stopped, not allowed to govern, no matter what.

As if that were not enough, post demonetisation there is a race to the bottom, with severe competition between Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi and seasoned campaigners like Didi Mamata Banerjee. Each one seems to wake up every morning to check what the others have done and come out with something even more outrageous, ridiculous, even comic. It was almost as if some secret surveys told them Indian voters will elect the most anarchist and irresponsible among them as their PM in 2019.

The selection of Lt. Gen Bipin Rawat as the next Army chief gave the sycophant crowd around these anarchists yet another opportunity to engage in propaganda warfare using lies and innuendo as weapons. In the process, if the Army’s reputation for integrity, secular character as well as the reputation of soldiers who have given their best for years goes for a toss, who cares?

The first attempt at communalising the selection was done by Tehseen Poonavala, who we are told, is related to the Sonia Gandhi clan by marriage.

Even if you ignore the allegations of bias, the statements itself was incorrect as this tweet by Gen Ata Hasnain shows:

If Congress can lie, obfuscate and spin, can AAP, the reigning champions and record holders be left behind? Of course not! Enter Mr. Ankit Lal!

This was so blatantly untrue that it was almost a joke!

Once these tactics failed and were seen as dangerous by ever vigilant social media, the goal posts were shifted again. Innuendo was spread that the spy chief and others were selected because they were of same “caste” as Ajit Doval, the NSA.

Even this cheap lie was exposed mercilessly by social media!

This is dangerous because we will then have the likes of Owaisi saying Muslims don’t get to be chiefs and perhaps others from the “parivar” saying they were promoted for vote bank reasons. There is no end to this.

Thankfully senior journalists like Shekhar Gupta were around to debunk some of the lies and point out facts.

When will this sort of despicable, even treacherous behaviour stop? Only when voters punish the leaders behind such shameless propaganda so thoroughly that they reign in their lapdogs.




Author: Agent Yellow

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