Salman Verdict brings out quintessential liberal Indian

The verdict

The verdict is out. Even as poor under trials languish in prison for decade or more, serving time far exceeding sentences for crimes they haven’t committed or proved to, Mumbai High Court chose to set aside all other business to hear his bail appeal within minutes. He got bail same day and now barely two days later, the sentence itself has been suspended.



Now that ‘mission keep Salman out of jail’ accomplished, one can safely predict our justice
“system” will revert to its usual glacial pace, delivering a verdict sometime after Salman turns 95.

Be that as it may, the case has brought out yet another example of the hypocritical attitude of the liberal crowd or at least the Bollywood liberal crowd.

Bollywood Hypocrisy

Bollywood often seen as the major weapon of India’s soft-power, is known for its blatant plagiarism, low quality, hypocrisy, anti-Hindu hatred, pro-jihadi sympathies wrapped up as liberalism and sheer insensitivity. A lot of that was on display over the last few days

Farah Khan, Abhijeet (singer), many others in utter disregard for the heinous nature of Salman’s crime (drunk driving, not helping victim, consistent denials and unwillingness to take responsibility further exacerbating the original crime) and its poor victims, issued bizarre tweets and statements.

Typical Indian liberal elastic morals and ethics

But what was abundantly clear is this: Indian pseudo liberals, living in a cocoon of comfort, extravagance and luxury wants a separate set of law for themselves as well as moral and ethical code, which too they may flout with gay abandon.

They sit on top of moral pedestals lecturing others on what is right and what is not. They would rather judge than be judged, lecture than be lectured to, and use their ‘liberalism’ as a veil behind which anything and everything can be done without any accountability. Question them, you are a ‘fascist’

If the poor exist at all in this super-luxury seven star world, it is to provide ‘background’ for their moral lectures and to act as props for their elaborate image building exercises, gladly accepting crumbs thrown their way.

Pretty much every trick in the liberal book was deployed to ‘rescue’ Salman. Let’s look at a few of them.

Why not go catch others? A typical argument used by criminals. After all there are so many rapes, murders, why not go after them? You go after their rapes and murders they’ll squeal why not go after drug trafficking and if you go after drugs, it’ll be Can’t they attack poverty first!

He’s a nice guy! The most ‘harmless’ of all the ridiculous nonsense that was thrown about. That Salman is a nice guy. He is, of course. But then that nicety did not stop him from being utterly callous about the victim. Or to own up his act and plead guilty! If he had done so, then it can be rightly argued it is a one time mistake, although he has had other run ins with the law as well.

So the ‘nice guy’ was visited at home to be consoled by Bollywood elite, as if he was the victim! It is pertinent to ask if any of these worthies visited the homes of the dead poor. The answer should be obvious.


So much money is at stake! This comes a close second to the crazy defense award. Figures like Rs.200 crores were floated about. A twitterati gets it right though

It’s the fault of victims! This was yet another trick tried. So it is more wrong to sleep on the pavement ‘like a dog’ as singer Abhjijeet puts it, than to run them over. Of course, our resident genius Farah Ali compared them to people crossing train tracks!

Blame it on government! This was the height of liberal idiocy. Blame government for an individuals drunken orgy of crime and then pretend that they are the only ones caring for the poor! Guess it’s ok to bulldoze jayBlameItOnModi walkers and blind going without guard dogs?


Sentence too harsh! If all else fails, this can be tTooHarshried.



Idiotic suggestions and ‘cures’ This takes the first prize! Farah Khan wants separate lanes earmarked for poor homeless to sleep on the pavement so that drunk drivers like Salman can run over whatever else lies on other pavements! Guess walking on pavements should be banned too, so that you don’t get run over by a speeding SUV driven by a drunk Bollywood hunk!



Author: Agent Yellow

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