Revised upgraded version of Rahul Gandhi

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No its Rahul Gandhi V4.2.1 launched afresh by Congress party after his disappearance for 2 months, presumably to Thailand. For a guy that sarcastically requested PM Modi to ‘visit India’, it is strange he could not find peace and inner awakening from within this subcontinent, something Buddha and many others seem to have managed quite well.

It’s clear Congress did a lot of home work to ensure this revised, upgraded version would get better reception in the marketplace. Courtiers were lined up in the media to give the story a good copy and push things along with flattering tweets and articles.

But then in arranging fawning praise of the crown prince by media “friends” as well dynastic domestic servants and sycophants, Congress inadvertently betrayed its real problem.  It came across as a mother going into raptures over the babble of her child who should actually be speaking full sentences for his age.

For example when Rahul spoke in the Parliament for the first time in this house, after a year of dozing, (And his third speech in entire Parliamentary career of more than a decade), party faithful started dancing as if the messiah has arrived with the manna. Shashi Tharoor’s was a typical reaction “Fiesty, combative, bilingual speech….he and INCIndia are back!“. So a 46 year old man speaking Hindi which is as good as his mother tongue, and English is something to be celebrate! Hallelujah!

Whether the rest of India and ordinary voters will react the same way will be known in a few years time. But for now, Congress has a lot of servants singing “Thumak Chalat Ramachandra” every time Rahul Gandhi takes baby steps!

For now, its comedy time as our dear friend proved he needs a smartphone to ‘copy’ even a simple paragraph in English paying tribute to Nepal earthquake victims. Twitter world was rolling in the aisles trending #PappuCantWriteSaala  Wonder how much of the precious money spent on building up a pro-poor image for the messiah had to be written off with that one picture of Rahul copying from his smartphone! Thankfully Mr. Tharoor did not tweet his delight over Rahul writing a paragraph in English with his own hand.

But many others would not be amused to see yet another Gandhi (after his grandma and Papa/Mama) trying to turn the deprivation and misery created by their own policies and misrule into a franchise or marketing gimmick to exploit to rule yet again, create more misery.




Author: Agent Yellow

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