Three big strikes for reform

By passing the Insurance, Coal and Mines and Minerals Bill, Parliament has given a big boost to Narendra Mddi government’s reform agenda. Interestingly while the Insurance bill was supported by Congress but opposed by TMC and few others, the very same parties supported the Mines and Coal bill opposed by Congress!

What this implies is, while the risk of being seen as ‘anti-farmer’, which the Land bill debate has been reduced to, made these parties join Sonia in her ‘march’ to President’s office they have no intention of letting her steal the thunder and grab leadership on all issues, even where these parties and their governments tend to gain by reform moves.

In states where JDU, TMC, SP are in power, they have absolutely no intention of allowing Congress room to grow back to No. 1 position. They may, at best, be okay with letting the party in as a junior partner to be chucked out at the slightest sign of growth or ambition. If that means cooperating with BJP tactically, so be it. The vote bank of these parties overlaps considerably with that of Congress, so it can only be a zero sum game.

This can only be good news for those hoping for ‘ache din’ in the coming days and months.


Author: Agent Yellow

A highly trained propaganda agent! Yellow is my favorite color!