AAP Funding scam

It’s interesting to see yet another instance of ex-AAP folks turning against it. There is sure something wrong with Kejriwal and his leadership style or agenda for so many to shun him after getting close. The ones that don’t know him seem to be the ones admiring him!

Coming to the ‘scam’ itself, the matter is straightforward. Donations of Rs.2 cr (at least) – huge amount for any party, particularly for AAP, were received from front companies that have no business or profit. And a party that claims anything over Rs.10 lakhs require special approval by its boss, now claims they didn’t know who it was and don’t care!

Whole bunch of media friends of AAP have jumped to their rescue, raising all sort of silly questions and focusing on semantics (can it be ‘hawala’ if paid by cheque?).  Leftist media ‘intellectuals’ like Nikhil Wagle and S. Varadarajan have been tweeting their way to carpel tunnel syndrome in support of AAP. The argument goes like this – How is BJP entitled to question AAP? Why should AAP care who is funding them if it is received by cheque?

Therein lies the rub! The whole point is AAP was supposed to bring a new style, a new set of ethics,  a code of conduct to Indian politics.  It has been shouting from roof tops about this, calling all and sundry as corrupt and projecting themselves as angels. Now it appears they have nothing better to say than ‘You are no better!’

That is a big problem that no amount of crazy conspiracy theories, helpful media commentators is going to solve.


Author: Agent Yellow

A highly trained propaganda agent! Yellow is my favorite color!