The Bihar debacle

So many thousands of words have poured from the keyboards of so many experts and analysts on the recent Bihar elections and BJPs defeat. Here’s our analysis, presented in corporate style bullet points.

Wrong conclusions

  1. As in Delhi, voters have not rejected PM Narendra Modi. Knowing he can’t be their CM, they have chosen a popular local alternative.
  2. Regardless of rights and wrongs, the intolerance debate made very little difference to voter behavior – the two major groups Muslims and Yadavs that consolidated behind MGB and killed NDA prospects made up their minds for entirely different reasons. Nothing could have changed that.

Right lessons

  1. While voters still like Modi, they could not bring themselves to reject Nitish simply because the central government’s performance has not been overwhelmingly good. It had to be that not just because of the scale of expectations raised in 2014, but also because of the lack of suitable local alternative. This means the engine has to be revved up in Delhi.
  2. While voters may not have ‘punished’ BJP for raking up controversial issues, they have also not voted for BJP for those reasons. That’s the lesson.
  3. If BJP wants to consolidate Hindu voters across caste identities, the only unifying factor can be performance. Visible, identifiable and something that touches each citizen. Promise of performance could work in 2014, but in 2015 (and in 2019), it is results that will count.
  4. Margin of victory (in vote % terms) in May 2014 doesn’t leave BJP much room for margin of error. The clean sweep of northern states hides many weaknesses that Bihar exposes. Committed BJP voters can’t deliver the crown. The ‘floating’ or uncommitted ones need to be pursued.

Action points

  1. It pays to be humble. The message may remain same, but language of delivery needs calibration. This may or may not help to get Parliament going but will at least make it difficult for opponents to justify their own arrogance.
  2. BJP need not court minorities aggressively but senseless antagonism that delivers no tangible benefits to the majority (and doesn’t even rally them) has to stop. This is where Modi has to guide BJP to a Hindutva agenda that focuses on doing good (that few will oppose) instead of ‘teaching lesson’ (which many will).
  3. Develop local leadership. Time to plan Tier 2 for center and Tier 1 and Tier 2 leaders for various states with UP being high priority. It also supplies steady talent to the center, likes of Manohar Parikkar that BJP desperately needs.
  4. Assume Parliament is a write off, focus on thousands of things, small and big that can be done with executive actions. We have seen precious little.
  5. Reduce foreign travel. Sad but true, it is easy to electorally exploit that in a country like India. In any case, the big push has been done, now it is for the rest of MoE and team to take it forward.

Modi is a natural leader. We need more leadership from him. It could be as simple as that to make sure 2019 is a repeat of 2014.




The cacophony of intolerance

Unless you have been living in a cave waging jihad (in which case you are a friend of Indian liberals), you must have heard a lot about ‘intolerance’ thing. In fact you must have seen, read and heard so much that the whole argument is exposed by that very fact as a bundle of lies! After all, if any of these liberals had not protested over ‘intolerance’ but just drawn a simple cartoon of you know who, they would be hiding in underground cellars, if not already dead, not doing the rounds of TV studios attacking Modi 24×7!

Just who are these intellectuals?

We are told by the leftist media like Hindu that one should not look at the motivations or backgrounds of the critics, but listen to their message. Nice indeed. But then is this what they did when Anna Hazare was attacking the Congress over corruption? Of course not! The same leftist liberals were attacking him, desperate tried to link him to RSS and BJP and even wrote articles alleging he was acting as stooge of  ‘corporate interests’.  In fact this ‘corporate interest’ story was spun for all its worth by pro-Congress media elites like Harish Khare, Varadarajan etc., all the way to the 2014 elections and even after that. The message was that only Modi gets funded by Corporates and Congress merely survives on handouts by poor citizens.

And how close are these ‘intellectuals’ and the Congress ecosystem? Let us imagine a BJP mining baron with dubious reputation like Bellari Reddy setting up a ‘university’ employing RSS hacks who call themselves “public intellectuals” and spend all their time attacking Congress. How seriously would such a person be taken by the left wing media? Is that how Shiv Visvanathan, who works for “Jindal University” projected by our liberal press?

How clean are their hands? If Modi is responsible for all the crimes and misdemeanor of every right wing loonie, are these people not responsible for the left’s crimes against humanity? Did they protest loudly? The best you could expect from them was a token statement issued with a lot of vague disclaimers and then ‘business as usual’. How can it be that a super-sensitive liberal like Vikram Seth smilingly accepts awards from Jagdish Tytler even as he cringes at the very mention of Modi’s name? Did Irfan Habib or Romila Thapar completely disassociate from Marxists  after the rapist savagery and mass murders in Nandigram, Singur and elsewhere? Did he or any of these intellectuals declare that they’ll never again be seen with Marxists when CPM merely suspended their leader in Kerala for 6 months after he bragged openly about serial killings of political rivals? How is it that film maker Patwardhan openly calls Modi ‘murderer’ but doesn’t apply this label to Congress leaders, or Marxists who are guilty of even bigger crimes? Are some murders better than others?

The other noise is about PM Modi appointing right wing supporters to positions of power and influence! Isn’t this exactly what the left has been doing in collaboration with Congress for 50+ years? Didn’t they fill post after post in Bengal with leftist ideologues? Did any of these intellectuals protest? No, of course, not! What they are protesting about is not ‘intolerance’ but loss of monopoly as someone put it so well. And their own intolerance has been even worse. A fine artist like Anupam Kher and dancer like Sonal Man Singh was chased out of their posts by the Polpotist Stalinist cabal in collaboration with Congress. None of our media elites cried intolerance! So it is perfectly okay for leftists to do as they wish and that is not ‘intolerance’

We are also hearing ridiculous arguemnts of “merit” when such arguments were never raised when leftists appointed all and sundry to cozy positions. In fact, this whole Award Wapsi episode has shone the spotlight on several such dubious characters whose works don’t deserve any award but yet chosen for their abject sycophancy and ideological bias!

The root of the problem

Asking such questions is futile because the so-called intellectual cabal represents the political agendas of Marxist mass murderers. They have been asked to keep the cash flow going by singing the tunes of this or that corrupt dynasty, but their primary loyalty is to the Polpotist Marxist cabal. And in their opinion the biggest stumbling block to grabbing power using violence is the Hindu faith. That field has to be scorched and burnt to ground.

As long as this simple fact is understood, every statement, action and inaction of these fake intellectuals will be crystal clear.

A corrupt, nepotist arrangement of mutual back scratching between the Nehru/Indira dynasty and the Marxists allowed these intellectuals to milk the system and live off the fat of the land, even as they continued with their pogrom against the Hindu faith and provide intellectual justifications and cover fire for the mass murders and rapist savagery of their armed comrades, who they call “Gandhians with guns”. In exchange they are to sing the praise of the Nehru dynasty to the exclusion of every other leader.

It is this convenient arrangement that did not bring India or Indians any benefit, that is under threat from Narendra Modi. And they do not see any silver lining in this cloud given the fact that both Marxists and the Congress have no hopes of returning to power anytime soon in any major state, let alone the center.

In fact, if Modi were to rule for another decade, a prospect dreaded by the intellectuals, the Augean stables would have been cleaned, disinfected and completely rid of leftists. That is exactly what they are trying to prevent by resorting to all these antics!

What should Modi do?

It goes without saying Modi has taken oath in the name of Indian Constitution and he should uphold it even as we remember that the constitution has been amended whenever Indira Gandhi woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  Anyone guilty of any violence should be punished for that crime  after suitable trial. There can be no two opinions on that.

Having done that, Modi should carefully filter out the genuine voices of dissent and give them a patient hearing. Obviously he should stay clear of Polpotist ideologues and corrupt dynastic coolies wearing intellectual mask. But there is no harm talking to decent folks turned into useful idiots by the Marxists. And take some visible action to assuage their feelings. But simultaneously, in private, make it clear to them that by adding to the cacophony of the Marxist butchers and corrupt looters they are simply disgracing themselves and not helping the cause or the country in any way.

Your comments and feedback are welcome!