Modi Wave redux

We wrote about the 10 point test – now that results are out, let us see how he fares

1. BJP crosses 182 – Well, nothing to be said here! PASS

2. Pappu loses / scrapes thru’ – PASS

3. Karnataka votes lots of BJP MPs – BJP won 17 so you could say PASS

4. BJP impress in KL,WB,TN – PASS

5. NDA gets 300+ – Sure, it got there! PASS

6. Bigwigs incl Jaitley win – wonder what made me mention Jaitley by name, but I guess it was well known the contest was fierce and close. FAIL

7. Jaswanth Singh defeated – PASS

8. Modi wins big in Varanasi PASS

9. BJP wins heavy in Delhi, deals blow to AAP PASS

10.  BJP wins big in Urban areas – PASS

Wow, that’s 9 out of 10! Impressive indeed!





Modi wave myth or reality – the Top Ten Test

These ten events will prove if there was ever a Modi wave or none. My guess is 6 or more points he wins a ‘wave’. They are not in any particular sequence.

  1. BJP crosses its previous best tally of 182 seats in 1999
  2. Rahul Gandhi gets defeated or at the very least wins very narrowly (< 50,000 votes)
  3. Karnataka votes in a lot more BJP MPs than state elections barely few months earlier suggested (say 18+)
  4. BJP performs impressively in Bengal, TN and Kerala (vote share, more seats than forecast)
  5. NDA wins 300+ seats, needs no further support from outside or inside.
  6. None of the party big wigs including Jaitley lose
  7. Jaswanth Singh defeated in Barmer – a clear case of Modi wave sweeping aside son of soil
  8. Varanasi win of Modi is with big margin (200k+) considering its demographics.
  9. BJP wins most seats in Delhi reversing past trend and delivers a body blow to AAP in that process.
  10. BJP wins heavily in urban areas proving its ‘success’ in social media is not all hype and noise. It is a party that has stake in educated, urbanised, relatively affluent class that thinks beyond caste and religion.