Open letter to Rahul Gandhi

Dear Pappu

There was a time “Pappu” was considered derogatory. But then your own party workers are using it freely now, so I presume you will not be offended by my using it!

It must be frustrating for you – whatever you do or say seems to be perceived as childish or immature. Even your media friends are doing you no favor by declaring every few months that you have finally matured and arrived. As if you were that “special” child until yesterday.

All is not lost. You have a few distinct advantages

  1. You are young. You have time on your side. Barring Kejriwal almost all your competitors will hit 70 or more by 2024.
  2. Congress rank and file or middle tier leadership is in no danger of discovering its self respect. It is still and will be for the foreseeable future, a private venture of your family. So there are no internal threats. Of course, this applies to your rivals too.
  3. You have a pan-India mind share which is unique with Kejriwal being the only exception. No one outside Bengal will dream of seeing Mamata B in the PM chair and same can be said of Nitish Kumar too, particularly in the south.

But then you have unique challenges too.

  1. Congress is the only party that has a track record to explain. Others come with more or less clean slate. Their performance in their own backyards can be questioned but only so much. They can easily spin it in their favor barring major scandals.
  2. The very fact that there are so many claimants to the PM chair means you have to put a distance between not just Modi and yourself but between yourself and Nitish, Mamata, Kejriwal and others too.
  3. Unless Modi screws up enormously (Demonetisation is NOT one, regardless of what your retainers may tell you), a wave election favoring a single non-Modi candidate can pretty much be ruled out for 2019. It will be BJP again (perhaps with reduced majority or a need to strike new alliances to shore up numbers) or a fractured 90s style verdict.
  4. The others in the fray have made it amply clear time and again that they do not see you as their leader. Just getting them to join a meeting has been a herculean task for you.
  5. DMK/ADMK, Naveen Patnaik, KCR may hold 80-100 seats between them and none of them have any particular reason not to sign up with Modi should he need their help. Of course, they may support you, but they may also support a 3rd front. You are neither here nor there.

Given this background, what should you do? This is the high level “strategy”

  • Focus on differentiating yourself from the rest of the also-rans.
  • Take it slow, easy.

How do you get there? What are the tactics?

  1. Forget 2019, focus on 2024 – this sounds defeatist. But you don’t have to give up until the last vote is counted and writing is on the wall. But you don’t have to be so desperate like the rest for whom 2019 is the last chance in life. So you are hitting both strategic goals with this approach.
  2. Forget Modi, focus on others – Again this sounds like a bad advise. After all, isn’t he the man to beat? Yes, but for you the rest are as much rivals if not more. Remember, Modi’s die hard voters will vote him even if he is caught spying for Pakistan. (They will claim he has some special trick up his sleeve). You have a tough job convincing anti-Modi voters that you are THE man for the job. Naturally if you do a good job at this, the race becomes a two horse one. You just can’t wish away the other horse, rather, the elephant in the room. At least not in 2019.
  3. Collaborate with Modi on specific agenda items – Again this is contrarian. When Mamata and Kejri are crying themselves hoarse seeing conspiracy in every shadow, can you lag behind? But then the point is, that is precisely why you should do this. To show the educated, post-caste, mature electorate (whose numbers and proportion will grow with time) that you are PM in waiting not an anarchist clown who can’t be trusted. You can work together on Kashmir, Election funding reform, GST and few other areas where it costs you nothing, benefits you enormously to be seen as facilitating, mature, sensible leader with sound ideas. Obviously, this doesn’t mean you have to pull punches on other issues. It just means you don’t have to constantly oppose and hog the airwaves screaming and shouting when you have two professional anarchists to compete with and have no hopes of outracing them.
  4. Do not sign away any state with suicidal “mahaghatbandhan” – Yes that is precisely what you did in Bihar and trying to do in UP. A few seats and perhaps one or two ministry posts mean nothing if that state is lost for next ten years or more. It takes work no doubt but you have think of yourself (ie Congress) as natural alternative to BJP. Only then you can convince voters of that.
  5. Don’t touch the left with a 10 foot pole – Sitaram Yechuri and his comrades are still living in Stalin’s 40s. They simply do not have any credible economic plan for 21st century India. As the country grows they will be have even less relevance and will have a stake in nothing but anarchy, violence and backwardness. At best, they may be able to deploy their loyal army of “intellectuals” in the media and so-called “civil society” to sing your praise if you dance to their tunes. But then they have little choice and will anyway come crawling once you capture power. You can throw them some crumbs and gigs at ICHR or whatever. After all, they will be starving and completely famished by the time Modi is done. By allowing them to act as your mentor or advisors you are simply signing up to be their B-team captain. Unless that is your objective.

If you stick to this agenda, you will do reasonably well in 2019 and be in a position to seen as the best bet to anyone looking for a non-Modi option. Today this demography is spoiled for choice.







Communalising & politicising Army appointments

As we all know, there is this shrill and noisy brigade of self-appointed guardians of “Idea of India”. This gang was shouting from rooftop for years that Modi “cannot, should not and will not” win. But then he did. So now he has to be stopped, not allowed to govern, no matter what.

As if that were not enough, post demonetisation there is a race to the bottom, with severe competition between Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi and seasoned campaigners like Didi Mamata Banerjee. Each one seems to wake up every morning to check what the others have done and come out with something even more outrageous, ridiculous, even comic. It was almost as if some secret surveys told them Indian voters will elect the most anarchist and irresponsible among them as their PM in 2019.

The selection of Lt. Gen Bipin Rawat as the next Army chief gave the sycophant crowd around these anarchists yet another opportunity to engage in propaganda warfare using lies and innuendo as weapons. In the process, if the Army’s reputation for integrity, secular character as well as the reputation of soldiers who have given their best for years goes for a toss, who cares?

The first attempt at communalising the selection was done by Tehseen Poonavala, who we are told, is related to the Sonia Gandhi clan by marriage.

Even if you ignore the allegations of bias, the statements itself was incorrect as this tweet by Gen Ata Hasnain shows:

If Congress can lie, obfuscate and spin, can AAP, the reigning champions and record holders be left behind? Of course not! Enter Mr. Ankit Lal!

This was so blatantly untrue that it was almost a joke!

Once these tactics failed and were seen as dangerous by ever vigilant social media, the goal posts were shifted again. Innuendo was spread that the spy chief and others were selected because they were of same “caste” as Ajit Doval, the NSA.

Even this cheap lie was exposed mercilessly by social media!

This is dangerous because we will then have the likes of Owaisi saying Muslims don’t get to be chiefs and perhaps others from the “parivar” saying they were promoted for vote bank reasons. There is no end to this.

Thankfully senior journalists like Shekhar Gupta were around to debunk some of the lies and point out facts.

When will this sort of despicable, even treacherous behaviour stop? Only when voters punish the leaders behind such shameless propaganda so thoroughly that they reign in their lapdogs.




Is Modi fixated on terror?

No one can have a quarrel with India trying to isolate Pakistan globally using its considerable diplomatic and increasingly lethal financial muscle. But then there comes a point when we have to ask – Is the government wasting too much time on this ? Worse, can it be counter productive?

At the outset, it has to be said that using diplomatic means is a lot better (for now) than using military means. Having said that, let us think through some of the recent events.

Excessive obsession with Pakistan is actually bad for India as we are seen as vulnerable, weak and end up getting bracketed with a failing jihadi terrorist state that survives on handouts from its benefactors.

A strong person, hurt in a relationship, shrugs his shoulders and moves on. A strong Mafia don goes for the kill and makes sure the lesson is taught well. A strong nation extracts its revenge too, but doesn’t wail and holler every time someone passes by and lends a shoulder.

What can netting Masood Azhar or Hafiz Saeed accomplish? Simply replacing them with another beard? Is Pakistan running out of fanatic barbarians? Pakistan should be clearly told it has made its choice and will have to pay the appropriate price. Nothing more.

Are we saying don’t go and take them out like Uncle Sam did? By all means, do that! But don’t obsess over it and try score small semantic victories in joint statements.

India should simply issue one statement – that it will not talk to Pakistan until there is clear and present evidence of action, change of course and reserves right to use ANY and ALL options to deal with the issue. Don’t talk about it unless asked about it, even then simply refer to the earlier statement.

As far as China goes, there is so much we can learn from Chinese diplomats and their clear statements. Why can’t we simply say “We would like to China to see long term value in the relationship with India” or some such thing that simply puts the ball in PRC’s court and sets a price for recalcitrance?

Lobbying with super powers should be quiet not noisily conducted through the press.

We should also selectively loosen curbs on actors, musicians etc., who are not jihadist fanatics. That again conveys strength not weakness. This is not a call for large scale pappi-jappi or Wagah candle kissing. It also prevents Pakistan from raising the “Islam is in danger” bogey.

And for God’s sake can we avoid those “felicitation ceremonies” over the cross border “surgical strike”? It reeks of cheap Bollywood drama.

May be Narendra Modi, Parikkar and Amit Shah should sit together and watch the first two seasons of Godfather. There’s a lot to learn from Michael Corleone.

Or they can try and listen to Teddy Roosevelt’s ancient wisdom – speak softly, carry a big stick. Not the other way around.



Sri Sri controversy over Yamuna “destruction”

You know the background – Sri Sri the godman wanted to host a “World Cultural Festival” in the banks of river Yamuna in Delhi. Predictably all our liberal, progressive, pro-environment “activists” have come crawling out of their rocks and favourite bars, clubs and pubs in Delhi. They want to save India from pollution. While Sri Sri was the proxy target, real target of course was Narendra Modi and BJP. So Congress “leaders” were dispatched by dynasty to join the Stalinist lynch mobs with glee. Army’s involvement in building temporary bridges was questioned. No one dared asked Sonia why her CM in Karnataka threw open the entire Jakkur  airfield when US evangelist Benny Hinn came calling, even joining him in evangelism! Of course, no one kept count of number of trees cut.

We wonder what if the entire event was not organised by Sri Sri but someone else? We let our imagination run riot!

The Hindu reports (through Special correspondent Nistula Hebbar):

Ahle Sunnat al Wahab al Mujahid al Hind, an organisation of progressive Muslims has applied to Union Government for permission to hold a cultural event on the banks of Yamuna. Our sources tell us the Modi dispensation is not in favor of granting permission to this peaceful gathering. In fact one BJP source who wishes to remain anonymous admitted “we may use the environment excuse to deny, so no one can object”

It is well known that Yamuna is basically a river of sewage and no one can even stand in its banks for a few minutes without suffocating from the stench. But it appears BJP is bent upon denying even this barren land to Muslims to hold a prayer meet. This is not surprising as it is entirely in line with its ideology but independent political observers are aghast. The Hindu spoke to A. Marx a social scientist who said “This clearly should worry anyone and is further proof India is being led to a fascist future”

We understand one Mr. Mishra has filed a complaint with the National Green Tribunal. He has been seen in the past attending Sangh gatherings although he claims to be an environmentalist.

Digvijay tweets:


Barka Dutt of NDTV interviews Maulana Masood Azhar Syed convenor of Yamuna Culture Fest

Barka1Barkha: Sir, Can you tell us a bit more about your organisation and the festival?

Syed: Barkha, thanks for giving me a chance. We are basically a very progressive group of ulemas who have been wanting to organise this prayer for a long time. South Asia is facing a crisis of faith. After Afzal’s martyrdom and Yakub’s cruel hanging, now even Mumtaz Qadri has been killed for his faith. So this problem is not just India’s, it is regional. And we are trying to express our opinion in a peaceful manner although we reserve our right to act against anyone that we consider kafir, munafiq or murtad.

Barkha: That’s very kind of you, sir! Why do you think Modi is doing this? Are you really cutting lots of trees, destroying the flood plains?

Syed: You see Barkha, all this is Sanghi propaganda. We understand one Sanghi has dared to file case at NGT. Well, he’ll regret his choice. Trees were there yes, but they were just standing there useless. The trees have simply been converted to much more useful firewood and logs. As you know, poor people suffer shortage of firewood while rich use gas.  Modi as you all know is behind this. He wants to take India down the fascist path. We are ready for him.

Barkha: Wow! What a concern for poor! Sir, may I ask you, what are your options now?

This will go ahead. If Modi tries to stop it, there will be blood on the streets. We’ll have no choice but to declare jihad.

Barkha: What about the false concerns over ecology and Sangh parivar activist that brought a lawsuit? How do you plan to deal with that?

We will deal with that..peacefully of course. That guy doesn’t know peace. He’ll soon get eternal peace. My boys are working on that. (Moves his fingers across his neck with devilish smile). Ha ha ha..

Barkha: But sir, I know your intentions are honourable, but some bhakts may interpret this wrongly! Why do you make such gestures?

You see Barkha, I have freedom to move my fingers or hands anywhere. These fascists dont understand that. Look, do I have any sword in my hands? How can you question this?

Barkha: You are brilliant sir! Exactly same logic we used with Umar and Kanhaiya!. Thank you sir! Always a pleasure to talk to someone so peaceful and progressive.

On Page 3 of The Hindu a small news item

Mr. Mishra a Sangh parivar activist who was trying to stop the peaceful prayer fest in Delhi was found dead in his apartment. His throat was slit. Congress warned the Modi government against politicising his death. Congress spokesperson Tiwari cautioned Modi against stirring the communal pot. Independent scientists The Hindu spoke too were unequivocal that it could be a shaving related accident. Lenin Bose, a noted metallurgist who we spoke too said men should use ISI marked stainless steel blades for shaving as other cheap ones may end up cutting your throat.

Rajdeep promptly tweets






Sitaram Yechuri issued a strongly worded statement

Fascist Narendra Modi is exceeding even his obnoxious limits. Stopping the Yamuna Culture fest in the name of environment is a crime against secularism. We all know Yamuna is already polluted and nothing much can pollute it further. After all, it is a three day meet, not  a daily ritual of throwing dead bodies into the river which Hindus do all the time.

All secular progressive forces should come forward to oppose this fascist regime. We are tying up with beloved Pappu Rahul Gandhi to fight this battle together!

Finally the NGT approves the festival with this short statement:

“NGT is pleased to approve the 3 day Yamuna festival. We also call upon the Modi government to pay the organisers Rs. 5 crore as compensation for wasting their time on this hearing. Ridiculous assertions in the name of environment were made, yet we gave it patient hearing (For about ten minutes). The protests are without merit. Trees can easily grow back.

We understand the original petitioner is no more so we want his heirs to pay a fine of Rs. 50 lakhs.  Let this serve as a warning to anyone else daring to raise false charges”

Jai Hind!


Kanhaiya Kumar and left resurgence

A lot of fond hopes have been raised in the “secular, liberal” media which gave enormous publicity to JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar and his speeches. Sensing opportunity, he too indulged in the left brigade’s favourite passtime – dissing Narendra Modi.

Ignoring questions of if BJP should have handled the whole episode better (for sure it should have, that’s another topic for another day), let us see if left can indeed take advantage of this fortuitous turn of events and find itself back in national discourse or even back to power, going by the fond hopes of the planted media spokespersons and left leaders.

A spoiler – we think not. And why?

  1.  Kanhaiya Kumar is very much a North Indian phenomenon. He would, even if he were to jump into full time politics (which he anyway appears to be doing, funded by liberal Rs.30,000 per month scholarship which was supposed to be for studies) not even be useful in his home state of Bihar, given his upper caste/class Bhumihar background. That’s why clever Lalloo with his ears close to the ground, never bothered much about the entire saga. In fact it would only end up reinforcing the popular perception that it is the upper caste/class elite of Kavitas and Karats, Yechuris that climb up the Marxist ranks, rest used mainly as cannon fodder.
  2. Indian students are a wired lot. Smartphones have made the net reachable to lower middle classes and even the poor. They may have been brought up on “history” carefully doctored by leftist fake historians with their false narratives and lies but they have other sources of information. The heroes of Indian left be they mass murderers and womanisers like Stalin and Mao or murderous clowns like Kim Jong Il and his son, are too well known to them. Which is precisely why the left has remained a fringe even in supposedly leftist bastions like JNU. Upon graduation, most of these students throw away their ideological baggage like used condoms (of which hilariously 3,000 were counted by a ruling party MLA) and join the mainstream job seeking, corporate ladder climbing milieu of urban India. Very few, that too mostly upper class Brahmin elite like Kavita Krishnan, Yechuri make it a full time profession.  What this means is that left’s ideological bankruptcy has been only too obvious to the younger generation of India who also know their “bosses” in Beijing have completely given up on communism in order to find prosperity.  If every red flag waving student of JNU had become a Marxist revolutionary we’ll be looking at Prime Minister Yechuri or President Kobad Gandhy not Narendra Modi.
  3.  Left parties are now getting into bed with corrupt Congress further reinforcing their ideological bankruptcy and further weakening the already farcical “secularism” argument.  This will further nudge India towards a genuine two party system with BJP versus the rest. It can only be to the benefit of BJP in the long run, if they perform.
  4. There is too much competition for the same space. After all, Kejriwal, Yechuri, Rahul Gandhi, Nitish, Mamata, Mulayam and numerous other state and national leaders are basically competing for the same supposedly “liberal, secular” vote which is just a code word in India for Muslim vote. Clearly in this gladiatorial arena, there’s going to be casualties and left appears weakest of the lot and hence may end up being the first to fall. Interestingly, barring Shiv Sena which is a spent force, and some dynasts and one-man parties like BJD, AIADMK or even TRS which are confined to one state, BJP faces absolutely no competition, if only it takes a clear, pro-growth right wing space.

So what should the BJP do?

It can wait around, let the left/Kanhaiya phenomenon move from Page 1 to 3, 5, 15 and then drop out of the radar screens. Fact is, the queue moves quite rapidly, and the next big tamasha or tragedy is not too far away. Then it will be back to ‘normal’.

Clearly this is a risky strategy as Congress learnt at heavy cost with Kejriwal. When faced with Anna Hazare and his drama, Congress confined itself to planting articles in “friendly” leftist media accusing him of being a RSS stooge and corporate proxy etc.  The rest is history.

A better approach would be to deal with the issue ideologically but at lower pitch than the constant loud noise and screams that emanates from the right. Specifically

  1. Get articulate, young and smart ABVP leaders to take on the left-Congress continuum, blunting one key weapon of the adversary. Senior leaders like Naidu or Irani (God forbid) should shut up.
  2. Highlight the ideological bankruptcy of left, its rapist savagery in Nandigram, Singur etc., and its crimes against humanity, worship of mass murderers, its dalliance with Islamic jihadism etc again, a lower levels, through social media and campuses. The hypocrisy of upper caste dominated left that stifles dissent and rivalry with violence yet talks like saints on azadi, tolerance, dalit uplift etc., has not been adequately exposed by BJP. How many Indians know that left killed over 60,000 political rivals in Bengal over the last 3 decades?
  3. Bring genuine nationalism to the forefront through innovative ideas that emphasise on the positive, not the negative. A subtle message has to go out that sabotage, pro-jihadi sloganeering, empty rhetoric is not nationalism, but genuine good work of youngsters that give their time and life to India is. This can be done by rewarding or highlighting such youth without having to directly criticise the left version of “nationalism”. A great example is the young lady Temstula who has been making genuine efforts to contribute to the clean India campaign.
  4. BJP should also use non political methods to highlight the differences between rabidly left fake NGOs that milk donations from the West and evangelists for propaganda, sabotage and anarchy, spend it on wine bottles and good lifestyle, flying business class to conferences in Europe etc., and contrast that with genuine work done by poorly funded NGOs that mainstream media ignores. Here again, the methods have to be smart not crude.
  5. Congress-CPM alliance, whether formal or not is another great opportunity to exploit the hypocrisy, ideological bankruptcy inherent in it. Both now become guilty of each others’ crimes. Congress should be questioned vigorously on political murders of the left (for which it has been holding “martyr’s day” for years now!) and the rapist savagery of Marxists in Nandigram. Similarly CPM should be exposed for its going to bed with corrupt Congress, which it has been accusing of “anti-people” policies day in and out. The more they justify it on “secularism” the more the entire concept gets discredited. As it is, it has pretty much been reduced to a farce anyway!

Clearly BJP needs clever thinking heads and not loud mouths and shoot from the hip idiots that we hear more from these days. This is a battle that may decide its future and it should fight it with all it takes.







The JNU saga

The recent protest gathering in JNU to eulogise Afzal Guru (terorist hanged for his crimes) has turned the spotlight once again on issues such as campus freedom, intolerance, leftist activism etc. We presetn our views:

Government of the day has to give a long rope, much longer than they give to others, for campus activism. After all youth is the time for such passion and energy. Even if these activists occassionally misuse their freedom, as long as they don’t engage in actual acts of violence or acts that may lead to that, there is no harm closing one eye.

Having said this, we have to highlight several things

This is not the first time JNU leftist students have been committing such acts. In the name of freedom of expression there has been a steady flow of bad news. Calling Goddess Durga, venerated by many Hindus a ‘prostitute’, engaging in vitriolic abuse of Hindu religion and open support for Naxal killings have all been the staple of leftwing activism at JNU.

What is even more worrying is, this so called ‘freedom of expression’ has always been defined as it always is defined in countries ruled by Marxists (such as China or North Korea). In other words, the freedom is only as long as you are some shade of red. If not vandalism, violence, abuse and all forms of protest have been used to shut down any genuine debate or discussion. The recent brouhaha over Baba Ramdev is an example. The left wing students of JNU simply do not want any freedom of expression to anyone other than themselves. This is hypocrisy.

Furthermore, the extraordinary sensitivity shown to ‘victims’ of Indian aggression and American ‘imperialism’ and Israel, in Kashmir or elsewhere is rarely showed to victims fo jihadi terror or to movements suppressed by communist rulers in China. One cannot recall JNU students protesting mass killings in Tibet, Xinjiang or abuses of human rights by leftist regimes in Latin America.  But then we don’t expect this of a group of violent ideologues that worship Stalin, Mao and other mass murderers, do we? Even if some students want such discussion or debate, they are brutally suppressed by the Stalinist cabal who don’t want their ideological gurus and handlers questioned.

Given this background, what should the government do? We have some suggestions

  1. Instruct the police to be professional, methodical in its work. It is too easy to grab headlines arresting a few “leaders” without proof that can stand scrutiny in our famously “liberal” courts that handle the likes of Tejpal and Teesta with kid gloves.
  2. What that means is, direct video proof should be the first minimal requirement for any arrest. Prosecution for ‘conspiracy’ can be considered at a later stage, against leaders who may have inspired, instigated but did not personally dirty their hands.
  3. Build up opinion in public domain against leftist fake activism, highlighting their selective outrage, obedience to Beijing, justification of brutal murder of innocents etc. The crimes against humanity of their controlling organisations like CPM, CPML can also be highlighted. This again has to be done with sufficient evidence and be fact based. Obviously organisations like ABVP play a role here but they should avoid shrill noise and stick to logic, facts and reason. Remember, this is a battle of ideas.
  4. Continue to reassure the student community that this is not against JNU or freedom of expression. Here the hypocrisy of the left in curtailing genuine freedom, often with violence and anarchy, needs highlighting.
  5. Emphasise that jihadi terrorism and leftwing extremism are mutually reinforcing and have a regional alliance of convenience, that is amply proved by the “all-weather” friendship of communist China and Pakistani Army/ISI. Given the obedience of Indian left to their ideological gurus in Beijing, this alliance will obviously find its echo in India in the form of leftist support to jihadi groups.
  6. Deal with firm hand any attempt to stifle debate. Leftist leaders often boast that no BJP affiliated poltician can enter JNU. This sort of violence should be dealt with firmly

Ideology of Polpotist mass murderers and Stalinist rapist savages can and should be confronted. If not India will end up with a regime like Khmer Rouge, Chavez or Kim Jong Il before you can say “laal salaam”




The Bihar debacle

So many thousands of words have poured from the keyboards of so many experts and analysts on the recent Bihar elections and BJPs defeat. Here’s our analysis, presented in corporate style bullet points.

Wrong conclusions

  1. As in Delhi, voters have not rejected PM Narendra Modi. Knowing he can’t be their CM, they have chosen a popular local alternative.
  2. Regardless of rights and wrongs, the intolerance debate made very little difference to voter behavior – the two major groups Muslims and Yadavs that consolidated behind MGB and killed NDA prospects made up their minds for entirely different reasons. Nothing could have changed that.

Right lessons

  1. While voters still like Modi, they could not bring themselves to reject Nitish simply because the central government’s performance has not been overwhelmingly good. It had to be that not just because of the scale of expectations raised in 2014, but also because of the lack of suitable local alternative. This means the engine has to be revved up in Delhi.
  2. While voters may not have ‘punished’ BJP for raking up controversial issues, they have also not voted for BJP for those reasons. That’s the lesson.
  3. If BJP wants to consolidate Hindu voters across caste identities, the only unifying factor can be performance. Visible, identifiable and something that touches each citizen. Promise of performance could work in 2014, but in 2015 (and in 2019), it is results that will count.
  4. Margin of victory (in vote % terms) in May 2014 doesn’t leave BJP much room for margin of error. The clean sweep of northern states hides many weaknesses that Bihar exposes. Committed BJP voters can’t deliver the crown. The ‘floating’ or uncommitted ones need to be pursued.

Action points

  1. It pays to be humble. The message may remain same, but language of delivery needs calibration. This may or may not help to get Parliament going but will at least make it difficult for opponents to justify their own arrogance.
  2. BJP need not court minorities aggressively but senseless antagonism that delivers no tangible benefits to the majority (and doesn’t even rally them) has to stop. This is where Modi has to guide BJP to a Hindutva agenda that focuses on doing good (that few will oppose) instead of ‘teaching lesson’ (which many will).
  3. Develop local leadership. Time to plan Tier 2 for center and Tier 1 and Tier 2 leaders for various states with UP being high priority. It also supplies steady talent to the center, likes of Manohar Parikkar that BJP desperately needs.
  4. Assume Parliament is a write off, focus on thousands of things, small and big that can be done with executive actions. We have seen precious little.
  5. Reduce foreign travel. Sad but true, it is easy to electorally exploit that in a country like India. In any case, the big push has been done, now it is for the rest of MoE and team to take it forward.

Modi is a natural leader. We need more leadership from him. It could be as simple as that to make sure 2019 is a repeat of 2014.




The cacophony of intolerance

Unless you have been living in a cave waging jihad (in which case you are a friend of Indian liberals), you must have heard a lot about ‘intolerance’ thing. In fact you must have seen, read and heard so much that the whole argument is exposed by that very fact as a bundle of lies! After all, if any of these liberals had not protested over ‘intolerance’ but just drawn a simple cartoon of you know who, they would be hiding in underground cellars, if not already dead, not doing the rounds of TV studios attacking Modi 24×7!

Just who are these intellectuals?

We are told by the leftist media like Hindu that one should not look at the motivations or backgrounds of the critics, but listen to their message. Nice indeed. But then is this what they did when Anna Hazare was attacking the Congress over corruption? Of course not! The same leftist liberals were attacking him, desperate tried to link him to RSS and BJP and even wrote articles alleging he was acting as stooge of  ‘corporate interests’.  In fact this ‘corporate interest’ story was spun for all its worth by pro-Congress media elites like Harish Khare, Varadarajan etc., all the way to the 2014 elections and even after that. The message was that only Modi gets funded by Corporates and Congress merely survives on handouts by poor citizens.

And how close are these ‘intellectuals’ and the Congress ecosystem? Let us imagine a BJP mining baron with dubious reputation like Bellari Reddy setting up a ‘university’ employing RSS hacks who call themselves “public intellectuals” and spend all their time attacking Congress. How seriously would such a person be taken by the left wing media? Is that how Shiv Visvanathan, who works for “Jindal University” projected by our liberal press?

How clean are their hands? If Modi is responsible for all the crimes and misdemeanor of every right wing loonie, are these people not responsible for the left’s crimes against humanity? Did they protest loudly? The best you could expect from them was a token statement issued with a lot of vague disclaimers and then ‘business as usual’. How can it be that a super-sensitive liberal like Vikram Seth smilingly accepts awards from Jagdish Tytler even as he cringes at the very mention of Modi’s name? Did Irfan Habib or Romila Thapar completely disassociate from Marxists  after the rapist savagery and mass murders in Nandigram, Singur and elsewhere? Did he or any of these intellectuals declare that they’ll never again be seen with Marxists when CPM merely suspended their leader in Kerala for 6 months after he bragged openly about serial killings of political rivals? How is it that film maker Patwardhan openly calls Modi ‘murderer’ but doesn’t apply this label to Congress leaders, or Marxists who are guilty of even bigger crimes? Are some murders better than others?

The other noise is about PM Modi appointing right wing supporters to positions of power and influence! Isn’t this exactly what the left has been doing in collaboration with Congress for 50+ years? Didn’t they fill post after post in Bengal with leftist ideologues? Did any of these intellectuals protest? No, of course, not! What they are protesting about is not ‘intolerance’ but loss of monopoly as someone put it so well. And their own intolerance has been even worse. A fine artist like Anupam Kher and dancer like Sonal Man Singh was chased out of their posts by the Polpotist Stalinist cabal in collaboration with Congress. None of our media elites cried intolerance! So it is perfectly okay for leftists to do as they wish and that is not ‘intolerance’

We are also hearing ridiculous arguemnts of “merit” when such arguments were never raised when leftists appointed all and sundry to cozy positions. In fact, this whole Award Wapsi episode has shone the spotlight on several such dubious characters whose works don’t deserve any award but yet chosen for their abject sycophancy and ideological bias!

The root of the problem

Asking such questions is futile because the so-called intellectual cabal represents the political agendas of Marxist mass murderers. They have been asked to keep the cash flow going by singing the tunes of this or that corrupt dynasty, but their primary loyalty is to the Polpotist Marxist cabal. And in their opinion the biggest stumbling block to grabbing power using violence is the Hindu faith. That field has to be scorched and burnt to ground.

As long as this simple fact is understood, every statement, action and inaction of these fake intellectuals will be crystal clear.

A corrupt, nepotist arrangement of mutual back scratching between the Nehru/Indira dynasty and the Marxists allowed these intellectuals to milk the system and live off the fat of the land, even as they continued with their pogrom against the Hindu faith and provide intellectual justifications and cover fire for the mass murders and rapist savagery of their armed comrades, who they call “Gandhians with guns”. In exchange they are to sing the praise of the Nehru dynasty to the exclusion of every other leader.

It is this convenient arrangement that did not bring India or Indians any benefit, that is under threat from Narendra Modi. And they do not see any silver lining in this cloud given the fact that both Marxists and the Congress have no hopes of returning to power anytime soon in any major state, let alone the center.

In fact, if Modi were to rule for another decade, a prospect dreaded by the intellectuals, the Augean stables would have been cleaned, disinfected and completely rid of leftists. That is exactly what they are trying to prevent by resorting to all these antics!

What should Modi do?

It goes without saying Modi has taken oath in the name of Indian Constitution and he should uphold it even as we remember that the constitution has been amended whenever Indira Gandhi woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  Anyone guilty of any violence should be punished for that crime  after suitable trial. There can be no two opinions on that.

Having done that, Modi should carefully filter out the genuine voices of dissent and give them a patient hearing. Obviously he should stay clear of Polpotist ideologues and corrupt dynastic coolies wearing intellectual mask. But there is no harm talking to decent folks turned into useful idiots by the Marxists. And take some visible action to assuage their feelings. But simultaneously, in private, make it clear to them that by adding to the cacophony of the Marxist butchers and corrupt looters they are simply disgracing themselves and not helping the cause or the country in any way.

Your comments and feedback are welcome!







NSA Talks: No point talking

Instead of running around in circles, raising expectations all around and wasting precious time, Modi sarkar should stick to the latest decision on Pakistan – no talks as long as terror is there.

Few facts are indisputable

  1. Pakistan has no interest in helping India deal with terror from its soil, even if you suspend credulity and believe that it is purely caused by non-state actors without any official patronage. The recent denial of Gurdaspur terrorist’s citizenship is clear proof, if any is needed.
  2. Pakistan has been fooling, lying to and killing Americans in Afghanistan even after taking $20-$30 billions of American money, despite overwhelming military superiority of Uncle. There is no way it is going to do anything different with India, a much weaker power threatened by its stolen nukes.
  3. Although it has been taking action against some terror groups, these have ALL been groups threatening the regime directly. Or threatening the west without any collateral benefits to the Pakistani military. It has done zilch against Afghan facing terrorists, and will do absolutely nothing against India specific terror groups. No amount of talks or surrender is going to change that. Pro Pakistan commentators in India making big noise over ‘change of heart’ should start reading the news.

So what should India do?

We are obviously not suggesting war. We dont have sufficient information to do so. What we do suggest is

  1. Just stop talking about talks. No point wasting time with six monthly gestures that lead to nothing.
  2. Beef up internal security. This will blunt effect of any terror attack, minimise casualties and reduce frequency of attacks. More than money, clever strategy and execution is the key. Crowd sourcing some of the steps can work wonders.
  3. Work on Pakistan’s friends and benefactors. Keep pointing out to them increasing cost of their rearing snakes.
  4. Focus on economy.
  5. Focus on covert options – Exploit internal fault lines of Pakistan in Balochistan and elsewhere.
  6. Don’t let media circus distract from above goals.
  7. Slowly build capacity in every respect.
  8. War proof economy as far as practicable, build civil defence capabilities.

If all this is done, India can pick and choose when to take the battle to Pakistan’s heartland. It will have to be done one day.




Parliament logjam – blessing in disguise?

What’s the bottom line?

It’s official. The monsoon session is washed out. GST Bill will not be passed, barring miracles. What’s the bottom line here for the Modi Sarkar?

  1. We totally agree with R. Jagannathan of Firstpost – disrupting Parliament suits Congress. Like any kidnapper, It will simply up its ante and engage in further blackmail if its current demand is conceded. Whether Congress strategy will lead to electoral gains for that party is a different question we will tackle separately. It’s ridiculous opposition to the Naga peace accord gives ample proof this negative attitude and the scorched earth policy adopted by prodigal son Rahul.
  2. So it is wise for Modi to assume that for the foreseeable future, passing bills would be impossible, no matter how much it bends, bows or scrapes. Other than money bills that don’t need RS nod of course. This picture may not change much even by 2017, even if NDA were to win Bihar and do well in UP.

Is this a big disaster? Did India elect Modi to break records in passing bills? Is scarcity of legislation holding up Indian economy? Going by the feverish pace at which earlier Parliament sessions did so, one suspects that is what BJP seems to be thinking. Does India need another 500 bills to add to the mountain of court cases, backlog, bureaucracy, harassment, red tape and sloth? No, of course not!

Obviously, there are crucial bills pending. GST Bill for one, having hard time thinking up another, to be frank. This is not good news, in theory, but is not an unmanageable disaster. As far as other ‘reform’ bills go, BJP will face pressure from a variety of forces, including its own SJM/RSS/BMS dinosaurs. As the land bill fiasco proved, it is better not to start a battle without knowing victory is guaranteed. A defeat not merely takes you back to square one, it puts you lot behind.

That’s why we strongly feel this logjam is nothing but a blessing in disguise for PM Modi. Simply take the case to the ‘people’s court’, slam Congress for blocking progress and pass all blame for failures to that obstruction. And do other things at double speed.

The Plan B for PM Modi and BJP government

1. Get BJP/NDA states to make GST redundant through legislative and administrative measures

This is very much feasible. Something along these lines was debated in Europe too, when faster progress was held back by recalcitrant states.

After all, what is GST? It is a system of taxation that allows credit for input so that the final consumer pays tax on entire value added, without cascading effect of tax on tax. This means producers can manufacture where it makes sense.  Paper work is simplified, goods move without too many checks, harassment, bribes and delays.

There is nothing that prevents friendly NDA ruled states boosting inter state commerce by liberalizing their own local sales tax laws and rules. Reciprocal arrangements can be made to mimic GST.  Maharashtra can input credit to anything made in Gujarat, if same benefit is given to its manufacturers. Given the fact that large, contiguous parts of India are ruled by BJP and NDA, barring a few holdouts this will as good as ensure entire India is covered in no time.

Combined with intelligent administrative reforms (see 2 below), this can neatly sidestep Congress sponsored anarchy and have their CMs begging for a ticket on the economic gravy train.

2. Wind down red tape through administrative steps, without changing laws

We often hear that businessmen have to fill up dozens of forms, queue up at multiple government offices and beg numerous babus to get any simple work done. The standard cookie cutter response to this mayhem has been to try cut down procedures. This brings another problem – need to amend laws, giving an impression that workers safeguards and environmental protection is diluted and so on.

This is not the only way. After all, starting a restaurant (to give an example) in USA or any advanced society will also involve multiple approvals – food safety, fire protection, labor laws and working conditions, parking and other zonal restrictions, water and drainage connections, disposal of food waste and so on.

The big difference in these countries is that (A) these regulations are transparent and fairly applied and more importantly (B) it gets approved as fast as possible, without bribes and delays.

Now, doing exactly the same thing, is neither rocket science nor does it require revising any law. Just make the system move faster using same set of rules, and laws. Just amend rules here and there where needed, for which powers are available even today.

For example, instead of diluting factory safety laws and creating a huge hullaballoo, just get inspectors to behave. Clarify rules. In fact, this is exactly what AAP is trying to do in Delhi – by allowing bar owners pay up renewal fees yearly and get their licenses auto-renewed.

You get the drift. Hope Narendra Modi sarkar gets it too!

3. Focus on visible, tangible steps that benefits, touches each voter one way or other

The key is identifying groups of voters, preferably not by caste or religion but by other factors. It could be profession or vocation, place of residence and so on. Ask yourself, “Why did they vote for me? What is the ONE thing, cheap and effective, I can do for them that improves their lives, makes them vote again, come 2019?”

To give a simple example, let us take the case of construction workers. They are huge in number and have numerous problems. Simply giving them something – say accident cover, training vouchers, subsidized safety gear, toilet facilities at workplace (sad to see them defecating openly at or near their construction site because neither the builder nor the owner care a damn.), loans for educating children etc. could make them hugely grateful to Modi. They would never think of voting anyone else, whatever be their caste or religion. None of the steps listed here should cost a bomb.

Given its data gathering powers and technological wizardry at its disposal BJP can easily do a scientific study on such groups and come out with schemes targeting them, without throwing money in a bottomless pit like MNREGA. Which incidentally did not help re-elect the Sonia dynasty.

4. Find innovative ways to get around land acquisition issues

We keep hearing, from fairly knowledgeable commentators that land acquisition is not the biggest stumbling block. Exhibit A. If true, that’s good news. Although one may question why Modi wasted one year on the land bill. That’s water under the bridge, so let us skip that.

The point is, government has to publicly list all the big pending projects, current status along with reasons for their lack of progress and steps that are being taken. This puts pressure on everyone in the chain of command – local babus, banks, industrialists themselves, state governments and so on. It also brings land acquisition issues into sharper focus, leading to innovative and smart solutions – if that’s indeed the culprit. If the employment potential of each project is listed along side, it also puts enormous pressure on those holding them up – to explain their case to the jobless youth – be they foreign funded NGOs or opposition parties.

Moving projects to and surplus areas through intelligently targeted subsidies and incentives will also lead to saner choices made by those obstructing progress. Competition between states and districts will totally eliminate need for a two year fight on legislation that gets you nowhere.

Sadly such marketing and communication efforts are totally absent. In its place we have lots of airy fairy noise and equally vague criticism full of catch phrases and empty words.

5. Milk the commodity price crash for all its worth

It puts enormous funds, extra funds that UPA never had at its disposal, at the command of the regime. We are talking US$10-20 billion, each year. If used well, it can do wonders for 2019 that MNREGA could never do for Congress.

Quick win projects that create rural jobs, puts money and cash flow in the hands of large sections of populace and fuels demand for various consumer goods creating a ripple effect on rest of economy. That should be the goal.

Here, the government appears to be on the right track, focus on road building, infrastructure, railways etc. which tick various boxes in the list. Key then in execution and efficiency in delivery. Thankfully  it has competent ministers running the show.


It is clear. Narendra Modi can spend the next four years fighting meaningless battles with anarchist opposition and jammed up Parliament or simply bypass them and build a new India. The choice will decide who hoists the flag come Independence Day 2019.