Karnataka – Debacle for BJP?

On the face of it, yes. BJP failed to secure a majority and then failed to “buy” support to somehow grab the seat. And it was all over TV.

But is this the only narrative? Of course, if you read the faithful media warriors of dynasty, democracy has been “saved” and BJP has been paid back in its own coin. But that that’s the same coin they were all rubbishing as fake not too long ago in Goa or Manipur. Somehow it becomes gold coin when Pappu gets it.

To put it simply, democracy is “endangered” when BJP does a Goa & gets “saved” if Congress does it. There you go..

Be that as it may, it is not entirely a disaster for BJP. In fact, its apparent harakiri in Karnataka where it appeared to cut various corners to grab power probably has a tactic behind it.

Number one is the Lingayat vote base. BJP was brought to the doorstep of power by the Lingayats although many others voted for it. These people would have felt cheated if Yediyurappa was asked to roll over and play dead after the result. The same media liars who now shout loud about death of democracy would have been collecting their envelopes spinning conspiracy theories – that BJP was “relieved” as it didn’t anyway want to make him CM and simply turned that into virtue by not bidding for power.

Number two – If you notice all these “independent, fearless” media crooks that are now praising Rahul for being a great Chanakya for winning power despite losing, one thing should become apparent – their ability to use Goa and Manipur as sticks to beat BJP with is now gone! This applies to dynasty itself. It cannot simultaneously attack BJP for doing it and call it clever tactic to do exactly the same in Karnataka.

Third, it sends a message to those that voted to JD(s) for 2019 – their votes are effectively to Congress, which is not what they perhaps want.  Several reports highlighted how JDS voters clearly indicated they’ll go with Modi for 2019. Now this is reinforced by this week’s drama. After all, there is no way a vote to JDS will benefit Modi in 2019 and there cannot be ambivalence.

But these have come at a cost – BJP is facing a wall to wall coverage that will last weeks and is mostly against them.

Which one will eventually mean more? Time will tell.



We are worried too, Mr. Prakash Raj

The recent showdown between Dr. Swamy and actor turned “intellectual” Prakash Raj in the TV debate attracted a lot of headlines. Much has been said about Dr. Swamy knocking out the illogical Prakash Raj rants with aplomb. But our point is more serious.

Throughout the debate, Mr. Raj several times express “worry” over the direction of the country and its future. It seems Mr. Modi and Amit Shah have given him this worry. He used infamous incidents like the mob lynching of a Muslim man to paint everything and anything about BJP black and therefore “worry” for the country. And he thinks he should “raise his voice” and be heard. As if others are not bothered. You might think actors becoming politicians is a rare event in India if you listen to that!

We are impressed with Mr. Raj’s patriotism and his zeal. But we are very worried that it is somewhat misplaced.

After all there are lot of things about Mr. Prakash Raj and his companions, and what they stand for, that should have us worried.  And we would like to ask him a few questions.

Dear Mr Raj

  1. You openly associate yourself with hardcore Marxists like Shehla Rashid and Kanhaiya Kumar. You happily join them on stage.  Please tell us if the Stalinist ideologies that they represent is something you endorse and recommend for India?
  2. You tried to give a facetious reply to sharing stage with Marxists saying you also do that with Yediyurappa. Is that a coincidence or for a common cause that you both jointly agitate for? You think you are fooling anyone? Then why are you guys so obsessed about who Modi is “following” on twitter? As if that endorses everything they say?
  3. Do you ever ask them to account for the numerous mass murders, rapes and other crimes against humanity?
  4. Do you agree with their adoring and toasting mass butchers like Stalin and Kim? Do you know that practically every commie despot, mass murderer and womaniser was hailed by Stalinist left in India as their hero? Are you with them?
  5. Is the North Korean model something you want for India? Do you want us to eat grass? Do you want Indian mothers to worry when the comrade will ask for her daughter to be sent to the palace for “services” or sons disappear to be eaten by dogs because they challenged the Great Dear leader?
  6. Have you cared to visit the Tuol Sleng genocide museum in Cambodia? Are you not aware of the horrors of communism? Do you know that the Polpotist mass butchers that go around in liberal masks in India were big supporters of most violent despots historically?
  7. You participated in a “LitFest” with the Kerala CM and said there is no fear in Kerala, but is there in Modi’s India. Do you seriously believe that to be true? Do you read newspapers? Did you ask your comrade what has he done about a man who openly bragged about preparing hit lists in Politburo meetings and murdering political rivals, including those from your favorite Congress party? Do you know that Congress which acts as a B-team of Stalinists now, used to annually mourn the deaths of tens of thousands of its workers killed by Marxists in Bengal?
  8. You are part of the intellectual circuit that hails Naxals as “Gandhians with guns”. What would you say if a right wing loony calls the assassin of missionary Graham Staines, who was burned to death, as “Gandhian with match box”?
  9. You have shed numerous tears for Gauri Lankesh. Unlike your comrades, we don’t believe murders are the way to go. But have you shed ANY tear for numerous journalists killed by Marxist goons and so-called secular parties? Your selective outrage is disgusting to say the least.
  10. Your concern for the Muslims in India is touching indeed.  But have you ever asked your comrades, who have opinions on everything under sun, what they think of their handlers in Beijing banning beards, Quran, fasting and more?
  11. Why have they stayed silent when they talk endless about US and its statements or actions? Perhaps you care to ask them in the next LitFest gathering, after the mutual back slapping and Modi abuse are over?  We would like to believe that Muslims have far more to worry about if your comrades come to power!

Perhaps you can try answer these questions, to your own conscience, presuming it exists. After that if you go around mouthing narratives handed out to you by Stalinists and Polpotists, we can only pity people that believe in your nonsense.

Oh BTW if you do bother to reply don’t try to fool us with the standard boilerplate reply of “I am against all killings” that is well worn by left charlatans when obfuscation, lying and abuse dont work and they are confronted with hard facts on rapist savagery and mass butchery by their comrade pals.

After all, it is not just you, we can also “read between lines” as you rightly put it, and come to appropriate conclusions, based on what you actually mean and not what you say. Beware!



VP Naidu rejects!

VP Venkiah Naidu, who had the discretion granted by law to reject or accept the Congress-Left sponsored move to impeach the CJ Dipak Mishra, has rejected it! Prior to this he appears to have held wide consultations with legal experts, jurists and ex-judges, even refers to newspaper editors in his detailed statement.

The bar set by procedure is very high – “proved misbehaviour” – not mere allegations, even if some of them happen to be true.  The VP argues this is far more onerous than mere ‘misconduct’.  Proven also means exactly that – – it has to be proven before the motion is even admitted.

It is here the VP finds the group that moved the motion is strangely not even sure of its own case! Words like “may have been”, “likely”, “appears to” clearly show this to be the case!

As far as master of roster issue goes, it is also a settled matter. CJ is the one. In any case, it has to be a grievance of fellow judges, not Congress or Left. This has been the recent judgment too, by a 5 judge panel of SC.

VP clearly also states that the unsubstantiated surmises and conjectures in the petition are not worth investigating. Perhaps Congress, instead of “encouraging” its yellow media allies into singing its tune, should have spent some time collecting evidence!

Naidu also refers to the “customs and conventions” re RS that have been violated, by publishing the allegations before they are admitted, although that is not the main reason for rejecting it. Earlier reports seemed to assume this, but this detailed statement should settle that rumour. Even if you disagree with the reasons offered by the VP.

And finally, Naidu, as the Chairman of RS – also says why he decided the matter so quickly – to avoid an “uncomfortable” situation for the occupant of one of the highest constitutional authority. This clearly knocks out the Congress game plan – to keep the CJ inactive and doing nothing while the process weaves its way through the labyrinth. In other words, punish him before he is proven guilty using the procedure itself as a punishment.

Now the ball is in the court of the dynasty and its “intellectual” handlers in CPM. Let us see what they do. By raking more mud they run the risk of being perceived as blackmailers of judiciary, a sordid track record of Emergency days they only managed to make people forget after 40 long years.




Impeachment – Protest, blackmail or worse?

One thing has to be clearly understood. This is a fact, not an opinion.

Congress/Left combine has zero chances of getting this passed.

The petition has to first clear VP Naidu. Then it has to be put through a formal inquiy. And in any case the numbers in LS are not there. And in any case the CJ is retiring in a few months and the term of this LS ends shortly thereafter as nation gets into GE fever.

So it is clearly about optics and signaling. Question is, who is being signaled and what is the message?

This is where the most disturbing aspects come to the fore.

First let us go ahead and believe the CONLEFT version that this has nothing to do with the Loya case and leave it at that although that stretches credulity.

Now here is our opinion:

Clearly, as Dr Swamy hits the nail on the head – this is about blackmail.

Coming closely on the heels of warning issued to the babudom to “behave” or suffer, delivered through a media retainer, you cannot but miss the clear signs of blackmail.

Whatever happens in 2019, even if the continuum doesn’t capture power, the judiciary is being told it has to obey them and pass whatever judgments are handed out to it by the eco-system. Whether they are on cases that concern the family and friends or the foes i.e., BJP.

We can go after you, we have the means to throw mud, whether or not it sticks. We have the eco-system that can endlessly spread innuendos and propaganda.

So behave yourself.

Now this blackmail has yet another layer of blackmail which most analysts seem to miss. It is entirely possible that Congress itself is being blackmailed by the Left.

Let us explain.

Left’s priorities, be it India-China relationship or the anti-Hindu pogrom go far beyond Congress’s own limited goal and purpose in life – bring dynasty to power and keep it there.

Dynasty sees clear benefits in terms of “minority votes” from Left ecosystem’s periodic venomous attacks on Hinduism and is willing to go along, as long it only involves occasional statements or marches with JNU cabal. But it has no stomach for a full fledged pogrom – it doesn’t really fetch incremental minority votes and in fact costs votes.  In fact many a times the dynasty has been embarrassed by Left’s vigorous pursuit of its agenda using the mutually beneficial relationship as a fulcrum. And it had to backpedal.  Congress doesn’t also want anti-Hindu image become permanent. You may have noticed the temple runs.

At best (or worst as you may wish) Congress is willing to let the Left control the media, education and cultural ecosystem, collect a few awards, have its intellectuals feed themselves and live off tax payers money in some institution or body or other. Even here it pulls back where it can. This ‘price’ the dynasty reckons, is small money for the value it derives –  Propaganda on tap by the “eminent intellectual/historian” cabal, demonistation of BJP as and when needed along with manufactured outrages, planted Op-Eds in media, boosting image of the Nehru and his dynasty ahead of all other leaders and so on. As the nuke deal with US showed, on foreign policy, Congress is far more right wing and clearly is not keen to obey the dictates of China handed out through its local subsidiaries.

For the Left, while this is useful, it doesn’t go far enough. It wants complete control over judiciary. It is absolutely essential for implementing its real agenda from outside corridors of power which are closed to it for foreseeable future. For Congress it is happy as it has numerous cases pending but it is not a life or death issue. Other than National Herald and few such cases, its family is not directly under threat and the rest can be thrown under the bus at appropriate moment and even used for brownie point scoring.

The Left wants options too, beyond dynasty. After all it is in trouble if the Congress fails and perhaps in worse trouble if Congress succeeds too! Because the party will go back to its centrist core and not be a willing puppet any longer. But periodic impotent noise on third (a)front apart, left had not much leverage.

Kejriwal came as a great white hope to the Left and was promptly boosted by the ecosystem. But then that fizzled out. Read our more detailed opinion on that here.

Now asli-Janeudhari Pappu Rahul Gandhi seems to be the best bet. He fits the classic “Prince Regent too young and probably unfit to rule” mold and hence needs strong backroom Uncles, janissaries and courtiers who can run the show. This is the role left wants to play. But then it has to keep the Prince in check and issue periodic reminders as to who the real “boss” is.

This blackmail over CJ issue is most likely Left telling its Prince  – better obey us on this or we will find another Kejriwal. With 2019 fast approaching and the “Pappu” image, wiped out with much difficulty and great expense threatening to rear its head here and there (thanks to his own gaffes), Congress can ill afford loss of the ecosystem’s propaganda cacophony. A few “eminent intellectuals” or “concerned citizens” writing articles in Hindu about Congress too not being secular and “progressive” enough should send shivers down Rahul’s spine.

And for the Left this is the best time to get its pound of flesh – control over judiciary. 2019 may be too late – even if Congress wins!

Indeed, there could be a third layer of blackmail too. Here we are entering the speculation zone but not without logic. President Xi is a man in a hurry and will not sit by quietly as the Left loses whatever little hold it has on the Indian political scene. There simply cannot be another Jyoti Basu moment with him in power.  He is totally frustrated that his entire plan for Asia, on which rests the overall game plan, is being held in check by one man – Narendra Modi. Trump can perhaps be bought off. And there is no way to buy Modi out. So orders to its coolies in India may be clear – get your act together or face the purge.

Whichever way it goes, interesting times ahead. One can only hope and pray that Indian public will see through all this and chose wisely when time comes to ink their fingers.

Pls post your comments on twitter. Until we figure out a way to handle spam better, comments are disabled.



Karti Chidambaram case – arrest is vendetta?

The Karti Chidambaram (KC) case is hogging the headlines. CBI has arrested him, oddly the day he landed at the airport from an overseas trip. Courts seem to have gong along with CBI’s request taking much of the sting out of Congress “vendetta” attacks.

But is the arrest necessary?

Regardless of who is in power and which party the alleged corrupt person belongs to, in our opinion arrests should be made only upon court order so that justice is seen to be done and no “vendetta” claims are possible. In fact, the arrest is best made AFTER conviction in courts, especially if the person is a political bigwig whose escape, even if made successfully is far more politically damaging to the opposition than arrest.

Ideally, BJP government (if indeed it has instructed CBI to arrest) should have refrained from arresting, and challenged Rahul Gandhi to ensure Karti stays in India, is available for all reasonable questioning and fight the case on merits. If after all this, KC disappears like Mallya, that can be huge indicator of guilt, putting Congress in the dock.

Coming to the case itself,  it is sad testimony to the sort of influence peddling that goes in in Indian politics and the selective outrage/silence of the corrupt Lutyens media ecosystem.  Journalists that shout from rooftops about “fearless journalism” tweet pro-KC statements, practically repeat Congress statements verbatim and give the affair bare minimum coverage clearly showing where their sympathies lie.

It appears, for the most part, both KC as well as his dad former FM P. Chidambaram, don’t seem to question the fact that payments have been made to entities linked to KC.  Their argument appears to be that they are perfectly valid business expenses and income! After all a minister’s son can be a “consultant” can’t he?

If this indeed is the position taken by Congress, PC and KC, sad to say this will only work in India. In any other country with proper rule of law and standards, the son of a minister providing “consultancy”, for hundreds of thousands of dollars, to a company for facilitating or expediting bureaucratic approvals that his own dad, as minister, supervises, would be an open and shut case of corruption. It is very different from simply running a business (say, providing insurance, banking or other services) in a domain where the father is minister-in-charge. It is also very different from working for a reputed consulting company like IBM or Deloitte for whom this sort of money is peanuts.

Indeed the conflict of interest is so glaring and blatant, it should be questioned by media as well as every right thinking citizen.

But then the left media including Wire, which questioned a simple loan granted to Amit Shah’s son by a commercial bank, and drew inferences from it, keeps quiet. No Op-eds or articles filled with juicy details are to be found in any of the left-liberal media, online or offline.

This is the gist of the problem.

Just as there are “your terrorists”, “your fascists” there is also “your corruption” and “my corruption”.

Will India ever grow out of this? Or will one side or the other engage corrupt yellow media coolies and assorted fake intellectual charlatans to cry vendetta and obfuscate facts, brazenly continuing with the loot?








Confidence, bluster or desperation?

PM Modi’s speech in Parliament replying to debate on the ceremonial “President’s address” at the start of each legislative calendar has attracted fair share of attention.

The usual “Modi cannot be, should not be, will not be PM” crowd was torn between calling the speech arrogant and too aggressive and therefore not statesman-like or one clearly showing desperation and weak.  Modi dared to mention past regimes and the holy family that controls the liberal narratives and the eco-system. Blasphemy!

He should simply listen to all insults, both verbal as well as disgusting cackling, rude disruptions and cacophony designed to ensure his speech is never heard, and say nothing in return. Then of course, he can be attacked for having no answer to the “facts” brought out by the debate!

Of course, commentators more sympathetic to Modi like Sandip Ghose had a different take.

In fact the looming series of state elections finally culminating in the 2019 General elections, which may even be called earlier, was clearly in focus, not just in Modi’s speech but in every reaction to it. It is just that PM is always in “election mode” if he replies, but those attacking him are “doing their duty” or “speaking truth to power”.

Be that as it may, a few things are clear as far as 2019 goes

  1. Modi has to stand on his record. There can be no doubts about it. In fact, he has been clear on this right from the beginning, using analogy of students and “report cards”.
  2. Modi, beyond a point, cannot go back to UPA’s “misrule”, even if he manages to jail or convict a few UPA era ministers. Prospects of law catching up with the first family on the National Herald matter appear dim despite best efforts by Swamy.
  3. But that is a twin-edged sword. It also means the pre-2014 propaganda, Godhra etc. cannot become vote catching tricks any more. This is precisely why the so-called “liberal” media hunts for anti-Modi narratives in every case of violence, even if they happen in Congress ruled states and even if they have nothing to do with Hindutva or Modi or BJP. As 2019 comes closer and purse strings open up we may even see repeat of fake stone throwing incidents aimed at churches and staged outrages.
  4. But that doesn’t mean people casting votes will look only at Modi’s track record in delivering what he promised in 2014. Yes that “question” will get a lot of marks in the final report card, but the bigger question will be “Who else”.
  5. This is where the recent efforts by the corrupt intellectual eco-system and Pidis of media to rehabilitate “Pandit” Rahul Gandhi acquire significance. Not a day passes without some shill or the other declaring that Rahul has “arrived”.
  6. The prospect of return to golden era of UPA, enormously juicy contracts from RSTV, gigs in various Delhi “cultural” bodies, living luxurious lives at taxpayer cost, supplemented with generous funds and wine bottles donated by Western aid agencies must be tempting indeed.
  7. Modi surely knows where he stands, he is not far removed from the grass roots although he may come across as aloof. This has been his style right from the 90s and to expect him to change now is futile.
  8. His speech has already diverted the attention of all his critics and perhaps blinded them in case they did have their eyes open – bulk of it was explaining, defending and advertising his various welfare schemes. Yes the nasty barbs at the first family was very much there but that was not all.
  9. In fact, these schemes, whatever be the criticism about their implementation success or otherwise, will form the backbone of the 2019 campaign. Along with trademark attacks on the first family that will have the Pidi’s seething in rage!
  10. After all, if Congress thinks its track record is better, it can campaign on them. It does seem it doesn’t have any positive agenda beyond attacking Modi day in and out without any alternatives.

With improving economy, receding fears on growth, stable GST and higher tax collections as well as job prospects, 2019 may not look as bleak as it does now to some “bhakths”.  It may yet see BJP losing absolute standalone majority but the prospects of Congress return to power look as remote as they did few months ago.

Time will tell!


Is BJP losing Naidu?

BJP has been having trouble keeping allies. In a way this is quite a strange problem for a party that had serious troubles attracting allies for years. This was because of the pseudo secular untouchability status conferred on the party by the corrupt ecosystem.

And now it can’t keep them!

Shiv Sena, Akalis and now TDP headed by Chandrababu Naidu?

As the sensible editorial in The Hindu points out, each of these situations has its own dynamics.

Be that as it may, what should BJP do? Actually the more important question is what it should not do! What’s the bottom line?

It should not lose a valuable ally like Naidu. Why? Because he is the sort of progressive, pro-business and pro-development leader that India needs more, not less. And the other option in AP – YSR Congress represents everything bad about Indian politics – dynastic succession, corruption on large scale, far beyond legitimate election expenditure needs, personal enrichment running into tens of thousands of crores. It is a disgrace.

Is this the sort of option BJP should pursue?

But then can it give up on AP ambitions? Of course no party wants to write off a state where it has legitimate chances of improving its own space, tally & votes. And accept junior status.  There in lies the dilemma. Which CBN should perfectly understand as well.

But then what is the choice?

There are tried and tested formulas – you keep the center, we run the state model is one. Contest independently but openly, transparently announce a post-poll alliance once people decide who is better is another.  Yes, this may mean splitting votes. There could be others.

They should even consider merger!

Yes this may seem heresy but CBN as a great leader, has to have the sagacity to think beyond his own lifespan. What next? What is in AP’s best interest, for the next 30, 40 years? Does he want the state to be looted again by dynastic looters for 5 years or more, simply to “teach BJP a lesson”? Is that what BJP wants? Ask hard questions.

Then it should be easy to find answers.


AAP and the death of hope

The so-called “office of profit” case is in the news again, now that EC has ruled and sent its recommendation to the President. But this article is not just about that. The ramifications of the case, the definition of the phrase “office of profit”, the what-about-ery used to justify it has been amply covered by the mainstream media.

This is about the death of hope.

Does anyone even care to remember the DNA of the initial seeds sown by Anna Hazare which led to AAP? Do we recall they were not launching yet another party? Do we recall how starry eyed bankers, corporate executives, middle class Indians fed up with the corruption jumped in to the arena, not to become MLAs or MPs & get into offices of profit, but to seek change, make a new India? They even donated sums, which even by their net worth standards were not small?

These are the people that often travel abroad or even live there, and see how Indians fare when they work in a system that nurtures talent, not rent seeking or corrupt? One that is well known for incompetence, luddite policies and slothful bureaucracy. Which is precisely what the self serving ecosystem built by corrupt dynasties was. It was holding back India, denying her its well deserved position and they knew it.

They were like doctors, medicine ready in hand watching their patient die a slow death. They broke their invisible shackles, the inertia of lethargy, indifference and typical Hindu “that’s fate” attitude, and said in unison “let’s do it!”.

Do we remember Facebook groups, blogs and other social media platforms sprung up like mushrooms all over the world, from Singapore to London? Hardly any were funded or choreographed centrally. Almost all were started by genuine, patriotic young Indians who finally saw hope.

They even viciously trolled Modi & BJP (both of whom they respected by and large). This writer even had pro Modi friends, from Gujarat(!),  that turned pro-AAP with the passion that will put Seventh day Adventist and other radical evangelists to shame.

All because they felt another product that is even better has come into the market. A product that is an end to all worries, a magic bullet.

It is that hope that is dead.

But it didn’t die a sudden death. In India as well as elsewhere, we consider such deaths “blessed” even something to hope and pray for.

But it died a slow and horrible death, each event and non-event plunging a dagger at a different spot in the body and soul of the passionate “AAPtards” causing more bleeding and more pain.

Let us list some of those daggers

The total lack of interest in LokPal bill or prosecuting Sheila Dixit who he promised to put in jail was the first blow.

The elaborate drama of resignation, street dharna, sleeping on the platform, threats to stop Republic Day celebrations etc made many wince but they felt that was OK, just tactics that he had to use.

It was amply clear right from day 1 Kejriwal wanted nothing short of the PM chair and wanted it not for his ideals but for himself. His bizarre decision to take on Modi in Varanasi instead of working for it sincerely and step by step in a mature way was the first

The sacking and Stalinist purge of not just Prashanth Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav but many others, in fact almost the entire founding group  including its so-called ombudsman simply because they were not willing to be subservient to the increasingly wild personal ambitions of Kejriwal was one big dagger. Remember, these people were not purged for lack of ideals or commitment to the original cause.

The naked embrace of Wahhabi fanatics, jihadi mullahs that called for the death of Tasleema Nasreen in the name of competitive “secularism” was a dagger too.

The constant vicious personal attacks on Modi, the 100% focus on the PM chair and the open message Kejriwal was sending out that he was uninterested in “distraction” – governance of Delhi, until and unless he gets to be PM was a HUGE blow.

We could go on and on. The sidelining of Kumar Vishvas, once again not because of his lack of commitment to the core cause but for not being another Asutosh ready to lick Kejriwal’s boots comes to mind.

All of these turned off the original backers, the committed, passionate “believers” who were dropping off like leaves from a tree in autumn.

And now we have this “office of profit” case.

It is a no-brainer that the entire scheme or scam if you were to be more vicious, was meant to reward. Had he at least justified it saying “Yes, we did it, so we don’t have to extract bribes” that would have at least been manly and wise. But his resort to typical politicians’ tactics of blaming the EC, arguing over whether its indeed an office of profit etc., clearly show Kejriwal is no different from any other.

So the hope is dead and can be buried or cremated. Perhaps our corrupt yellow media has realised it, having lost hopes of finding an alternate source of envelopes and power. They have now gone back to asli-janeudhari Pandit Rahul Gandhi as their sole hope!

Damage even bigger

Because our minds can’t exist in vacuum. If hope is dead, something has to take its place. And that something is cynicism. Yes. Today any good Samaritan that jumps into the political arena to “cleanse the system” & solve India’s myriad problems that have simple solutions, he or she will be seen as a liar, charlatan, fraud and self serving megalomaniac.

That indeed is Kejriwal’s contribution to India’s body politics. Even dynasties like Gowdas, Karunanidhi, Mulayam, YSR, Indira Gandhi & others have not managed this “achievement”.  That too in two or three short years.


Donald Trump tweet on Pakistan – hold back the champagne

It was just a tweet – about 50 words but it literally caused a mini earthquake in India and Pakistan. Here is a President saying the exact truth without any diplomatese. But that has always been his style and character.

But if India and Indians are sensible, everyone starting from the Government of Narendra Modi to ordinary Indians raving and ranting in forums and twitter should hold back the champagne bottle. It is too early.

Let us look at some specifics re the run up to this tweet.

  1. It is no big secret that Pakistan has been double crossing United States for decades now. Ground level commanders, senior Army generals, CIA heads, Defence secretaries and so many analysts and strategic experts of all shades have said exactly this for years. Even Hillary Clinton’s famous snake in backyard remark is well known.
  2. Yet US governments, over years, kept pumping funds into Pakistan, essentially funding terror against their own soldiers and citizens as well those of allies including Afghanistan and India, to the tune of $33b. We know the count.
  3. The excuse was that Pakistan was necessary for supply routes and the China factor. Pakistan learnt to perfect this form of blackmail to a fine art and learnt to issue statements that will immediately set cash registers ringing with new aid. Its ministers even openly “threaten” to go with the Russians or Chinese.
  4. If “liberal” governments are in power this blackmail took on other forms – “Apre moi la deluge” theme where essentially Pakistan puts a gun to its own head and blackmails the POTUS for funds to spend on terror. Even this was well known but no one dared to say “be my guest, go ahead and fire the bullet”. Of course, Pakistan would never try this trick with a conservative President.

So have things really changed?

No doubt Trump is a very different President with very different ideas on how to use the power of the seat to get things done. He owes nothing to no one and is his own man. Unlike other career politicians, he has been remarkably consistent for decades on most core aspects of his policy as well as personality. His 18 year old interview on North Korea which he recently re-tweeted is just one such case in point.

Yet it pays to be cautious.

For one, Trump’s mercurial personality can cut both ways. Once again the China-NK tweets offer clues. After blowing hot on China, he immediately went soft, without getting anything in return other than empty words.

Secondly, Pakistan has been there, done that. It knows how to work the system.

The only difference is now we have Modi in control and he is not going to give any room for Pakistan to wiggle from Indian perspective – the pressure will be on. A left controlled UPA by now would be shedding tears for its long lost brother and rush to its rescue.

We have to look for clear, incontrovertible evidence of ACTION not just words. If Trump says “It’s only words, and words are all I have”, we should be ready not to give our hearts away.

The action can take many forms

  1. Best of course, is a clear military deadline to the generals. The “bomb back to stone age” threat of Bush administration shortly after the 9/11 incident type. And a few bombs to be sure it is heard and understood.
  2. Hold back aid beyond the peanuts $255 million that is being bandied about.
  3. Firm message to China to stay clear and not queer the pitch or face other actions.
  4. Strong ground action in the Af-Pak border that puts some teeth to the words
  5. Actively work with India and Iran perhaps, on Plan B.

We will watch the space with considerable interest but equal measure of skepticism.

Special note addendum:

The “fall in China’s lap” blackmail

As we noted earlier, Pakistan, over the years has perfected the art of blackmailing Uncle Sam. One such technique is the threat to “fall in China’s lap”. This is often used as excuse by pro-Pak establishment shills within and outside USA to write even bigger cheques without asking for value in return.

This if fake. Pakistan is already in China’s lap. Only Uncle Sam was paying the bills! That’s taking art of cuckolding to Jupiter’s escape velocity, as Pandit Rahul Gandhi might put it!

Perhaps when China is asked to pay the bills, which is known to be extremely reluctant to do, calculators will be out and new approaches emerge.  Can’t be any worse than what it already is, at least for India.






Where is Kejriwal?

We are talking about this “Yugpurush” that came in a white horse, the all conquering hero ready to purge India of all its warts and diseases and turn it into another Japan in a few years.

Yugpurush Version 1.0

Three strikes, you are out is an American phrase. But looks as if Kejriwal needed only two slaps to disappear completely.

If you recall, after hijacking the IAC movement and leveraging it to achieve the good show in Delhi assembly shortly before the 2014 elections, he was openly dreaming of becoming Prime Minister, winning 100+ seats, jailing Sheila Dikshit, contesting in Varanasi, going there by 2nd class train with lot of drama (returning quietly by plane & flying to Dubai on biz class) and so on.  In this he was aided by the corrupt Lutyens yellow media who saw new sources of envelopes opening up. Hail the new Yugpurush!

The May 2014 verdict gave the first big slap. AAP turned out to be a good source of “deposits” for the election commission.

Then he enacted a huge drama of apology and penance which Delhi voters foolishly believed and gave him a record mandate.

But the first slap was quickly forgotten and he was back in form. Like the sewage that flows constantly in the Cooum river in Chennai, his potty mouth was putting out non-stop insults, tweets, snide remarks, reckless attacks, brazen lies, sensational allegations backed with zero facts, tabloid style half truths and crude propaganda directed this time not at Dikshit (who is very much free with not even one case registered) but Narendra Modi!

Yugpurush Version 2.0 has arrived!

This time too, the yellow media was still behind him. But doubts had started creeping in.

In the meantime, he lost most of his original team disgusted by his naked ambition, megalomania, greed, personality cult, arrogance, intolerance to dissent, cultivation of crude sycophants like Asutosh and Somnath Bharti, hypocrisy, seedy fund raising methods as well as equally inept governance.  The prominent “list of donors” published in AAP website and advertised loudly as proof of his politics with difference was quietly taken down for “maintenance” where it has remained ever since! Allegations of seat “sale” in Punjab and elsewhere surfaced. In other words “same difference”

Leaving governance in Delhi to his lackeys and sycophants, not burdening himself with any portfolio (much like Rahul Gandhi) Kejriwal roamed India chasing a bigger target – the chair of PM. Any and every incident was exploited to the hilt with a quick visit to ground zero. Be it in Hyderabad for Rohit Vemula or nearby states. Even foreign policy was not spared.

Huge amount of money from Delhi state coffers was spent building a national image for the Yugpurush, putting out ads in far away states. Perhaps no other Chief minister spent so much personal time on agendas and issues outside his state ignoring the backyard. Not even the equally anarchist Mamata Banerjee.

As if this anarchist politics was not enough, it was supplemented with bizarre luddite attacks on voting machines, strange for a party that supposedly has Indian youth and educated middle class as its “core constituency”.  He was no different from Laloo & Tejaswi!

The usual Congress tricks of flirting with jihadism, Wahabbi fanaticism in the name of secular politics was tried too. Even Khalistani terrorists were courted openly.

Throughout all this, Narendra Modi wisely kept quiet, not even bothering to reply to his daily taunts and insults. Like the proverbial dog barking at the moon, Kejriwal carried on, unmoved. And the public was getting tired.

The second slap!

Punjab and Goa results, along with Delhi civic polls, delivered yet another HUGE slap. So confident was Kejriwal with his own narratives amplified by the echo chamber of sycophants and corrupt media liars, self congratulatory posters were put up in Goa “thanking” people for voting AAP to power!

Results, to put it mildly, were somewhat different! Once again, AAP funded Indian elections with lost deposits!

That seems to have done the trick!

Now he has gone completely underground, keeping unusually quiet and not commenting on all and sundry matters. More importantly, he is not attacking Modi on daily basis.

So there is a new version out in the market.

Will Version 3.0 work?

Problem is, the launch of this version in the market coincides with Lutyens media and the left “intellectual” ecosystem deciding to place its bets on newly re-packaged and re-launched 100% janeudhari Pandit Rahul Gandhi (Version 4 or 5) as its hopes for 2019! This is only to be expected because most of them are upper caste/class elite whose hearts bleed and lips mouth homilies to the “sub-altern” in between sips of Chianti and single Malt in some five start hotel or Lit-Fest.

Evidently it seems the Congress capacity to support these charlatans, let them leech on state resources and lead comfortable farmhouse lifestyles, supplemented with donations from evangelist West to fund wine bottles & scholarships is far higher than AAPs.

So now Kejriwal faces not one but two rivals! He can’t use the corruption weapon against Modi nor the “icon of youth, secular” marketing tricks on Rahul.

And it does look as if the door to 2019 is closing tightly shut. Given Rahul is about the same age and presumably in better health, compared to the diabetic Kejriwal who often disappears to Bangalore for “vipasana treatment”, one cannot even be sure of 2024 and beyond even if Modi were to lose 2019.

There ends the sad story of Yugpurush Arvind Kejriwal. Unless he has some tricks up his sleeve or our beloved Pandit v5 turns out to be yet another damp squib and Modi screws up even worse. That’s a lot of ifs!