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May 28, 2019 - Comments - GE 2019 Rahul Gandhi

Rahul yet to come of age!

One would have thought our dear Rahul Gandhi, declared “come of age” every other month by faithful media courtiers, would finally come of age after the recent drubbing. Alas, NO!

In the first CWC meeting to take stock of the loss, media reports indicate Rahul’s primary complaint has been that he has waged a lone battle, and none of the party stalwarts helped him out. In particular, he referred to the shrill “Chowkidar Chor hai” campaign.

Obviously Rahul seems to think if all other Congress leaders joined him in his chorus, it would have worked and he would be PM! He seems to think his shrill noisy one-point campaign was not loud enough.

Interestingly, we saw his corrupt media servants writing Op-ed’s in US newspapers, calling this crude campaign that would disgust even neutral voters, as one of “love”!

Increasing volume on a lie doesn’t make it true!

  1. Although our “liberals” love to compare Modi with Hitler at every available opportunity, it seems Rahul seems more keen to adopt Goebbels’ ideas. Simply repeating the same lie with a louder voice doesn’t make it true!
  2. It should be obvious to anyone that has some semblance of neutrality that the chor campaign flopped big time because not even a shred of evidence was offered.
  3. Other than some Stalinist propaganda media outlets, known for their anti-BJP bias and pro-Beijing agendas, offering hastily put together propaganda stories packaged as facts, to keep the fire burning, it was obvious no one else seriously believed this lie.
  4. Ridiculous numbers, often reaching astronomical proportions, far exceeding the value of the contract itself, were thrown about by Rahul Gandhi without any concern for the intelligence of the listening public.
  5. Of course, he was comforted by the fact that the entire “fact checking” cabal of charlatans and coolies in his control would maintain their code of Omerta and not bother to “fact check”.
  6. But then not everyone can be bought for an envelope, so his ridiculous claims bordering on a Kerjirwalic level of nonsense failed to strike any chord.
  7. This even if we were to ignore Modi’s stellar reputation, the Spartan life style of his relatives (who take the humble auto-rickshaw) that stands in sharp contrast with Harley Davidson riding, party-in-London damaad of his, whose sudden spurt in wealth and shady land deals are the talk of town!
  8. Speaking of Kejriwal, even the anarchist serial liar, known for outrageous charges (“Modi trying to kill me”) that he rarely bothers to backup with proof and goes around apologising in courts for, did not think the “chor” lies serious enough to pursue!
  9. None of the other opposition leaders, not known for their love and affection towards Modi, bothered to waste their time with this fake narrative as well.
  10. And speaking of courts, Rahul too went to SC and apologised for misusing the Court’s name in his campaign of lies. That was the last straw that probably broke the camel’s back.

Now any surprise it was not backed by his own party?

Be that as it may, by now one would have thought Rahul would have realised the mistake and try another trick. Of course, one does not expect him to publicly come out and say that he lied through his teeth for power and failed. He could have quietly dropped it. Just as he dropped the “EVM hacked” loony theories. But then he seems to be more keen to provide a dictionary definition of lunacy - try the same thing over and over and expect different results!

That and only that can explain the strange “why didn’t you guys back me up on the campaign” rant.

Modi must be smiling to himself. With enemies like this, why do I need friends?!

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