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May 20, 2018 - Comments - Politics

We are worried too, Prakash Raj!

Dr Swamy takes on left’s most recent discovery - Actor Prakash Raj!

The recent showdown between Dr. Swamy and actor turned “intellectual” Prakash Raj in the TV debate attracted a lot of headlines. Much has been said about Dr. Swamy knocking out the illogical Prakash Raj rants with aplomb. But our point is more serious.

Throughout the debate, Mr. Raj several times express “worry” over the direction of the country and its future. It seems Mr. Modi and Amit Shah have given him this worry. He used infamous incidents like the mob lynching of a Muslim man to paint everything and anything about BJP black and therefore “worry” for the country. And he thinks he should “raise his voice” and be heard. As if others are not bothered. You might think actors becoming politicians is a rare event in India if you listen to that!

We are impressed with Mr. Raj’s patriotism and his zeal. But we are very worried that it is somewhat misplaced.

After all there are lot of things about Mr. Prakash Raj and his companions, and what they stand for, that should have us worried. And we would like to ask him a few questions.

Dear Mr Raj

  1. You openly associate yourself with hardcore Marxists like Shehla Rashid and Kanhaiya Kumar. You happily join them on stage. Please tell us if the Stalinist ideologies that they represent is something you endorse and recommend for India?
  2. You tried to give a facetious reply to sharing stage with Marxists saying you also do that with Yediyurappa. Is that a coincidence or for a common cause that you both jointly agitate for? You think you are fooling anyone? Then why are you guys so obsessed about who Modi is “following” on twitter? As if that endorses everything they say?
  3. Do you ever ask them to account for the numerous mass murders, rapes and other crimes against humanity?
  4. Do you agree with their adoring and toasting mass butchers like Stalin and Kim? Do you know that practically every commie despot, mass murderer and womaniser was hailed by Stalinist left in India as their hero? Are you with them?
  5. Is the North Korean model something you want for India? Do you want us to eat grass? Do you want Indian mothers to worry when the comrade will ask for her daughter to be sent to the palace for “services” or sons disappear to be eaten by dogs because they challenged the Great Dear leader?
  6. Have you cared to visit the Tuol Sleng genocide museum in Cambodia? Are you not aware of the horrors of communism? Do you know that the Polpotist mass butchers that go around in liberal masks in India were big supporters of most violent despots historically?
  7. You participated in a “LitFest” with the Kerala CM and said there is no fear in Kerala, but is there in Modi’s India. Do you seriously believe that to be true? Do you read newspapers? Did you ask your comrade what has he done about a man who openly bragged about preparing hit lists in Politburo meetings and murdering political rivals, including those from your favorite Congress party? Do you know that Congress which acts as a B-team of Stalinists now, used to annually mourn the deaths of tens of thousands of its workers killed by Marxists in Bengal?
  8. You are part of the intellectual circuit that hails Naxals as “Gandhians with guns”. What would you say if a right wing loony calls the assassin of missionary Graham Staines, who was burned to death, as “Gandhian with match box”?
  9. You have shed numerous tears for Gauri Lankesh. Unlike your comrades, we don’t believe murders are the way to go. But have you shed ANY tear for numerous journalists killed by Marxist goons and so-called secular parties? Your selective outrage is disgusting to say the least.
  10. Your concern for the Muslims in India is touching indeed. But have you ever asked your comrades, who have opinions on everything under sun, what they think of their handlers in Beijing banning beards, Quran, fasting and more?
  11. Why have they stayed silent when they talk endless about US and its statements or actions? Perhaps you care to ask them in the next LitFest gathering, after the mutual back slapping and Modi abuse are over? We would like to believe that Muslims have far more to worry about if your comrades come to power!

Perhaps you can try answer these questions, to your own conscience, presuming it exists. After that if you go around mouthing narratives handed out to you by Stalinists and Polpotists, we can only pity people that believe in your nonsense.

Oh BTW if you do bother to reply don’t try to fool us with the standard boilerplate reply of “I am against all killings” that is well worn by left charlatans when obfuscation, lying and abuse dont work and they are confronted with hard facts on rapist savagery and mass butchery by their comrade pals.

After all, it is not just you, we can also “read between lines” as you rightly put it, and come to appropriate conclusions, based on what you actually mean and not what you say. Beware!