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Mar 5, 2017 - Comments - Politics

Does left really want freedom?

The loudest noise on “freedom” comes from left. But do they really want it?

It is not just naive but dangerous to conclude that the assorted hardcore left (in their usual liberal masks) that are frothing over “liberal values” and “room for debate” in our campuses want that. What they want is monopoly over thought and words. Monopoly they enjoyed in a mutual back scratching deal with corrupt dynasties in the past.

What they instead are fighting for is not just the exact opposite but something left globally as well as in India is quite famous for – monopoly of thought, complete suppression of any opinion that doesn’t fit with their narratives enforced with violence, mass murders and other forms of savagery. All supported by a cabal of charlatans that call themselves humanists, intellectuals, liberals who slam the door shut on any genuine liberal that doesn’t take instructions.

This has been demonstrated time and again in JNU and other left controlled institutions including Lit Fests, academic institutes and think tanks on history, culture etc.

The dangerous pro-jihadi Islamist slogans that the left-Islamist continuum raises in JNU and tried to raise in Ramjas is explained away by some well meaning useful idiots as “youthful idealism”. This is bollocks.

There is no hint of youthful innocence or idealism and there has never been. Today’s Politburo members and commanders of armies of mass murderers and rapists that wreaked havoc in Nandigram, Singur and elsewhere are stocked with the exact same JNU alumni who were supposedly “idealist youth”. They never dared open their mouths against the Tiananmen massacre of students by their handlers in Beijing. Driven by similar ideological thought, today’s leftist students of JNU, AISA, SFI etc are preparing for a career in serfdom to Beijing by being very selective in their quest for liberty, secession, azaadi (Freedom) etc.

Distant Palestine (and assorted obscure Central American or Latin American states) attract their loud support. Kashmir does too. So does Manipur and various other North Eastern states of India. But NOT A WORD on Balochistan, Sindh, Xinjiang, Tibet! So much for their “idealism”. They know a career in Marxism in India requires complete obedience to the holding company’s narratives. Not just Beijing but its “taller than mountain, sweeter than honey” jihadi terrorist subsidiary in Islamabad too can’t be questioned!

An orchestrated campaign is being launched in media sympathetic to the Stalinist left as if the violence was only by ABVP. Nothing can be further from the truth. Violence has always been the hallmark of left right from its founding days. Stalinist “liberal” media even showed a picture of prominent SFI (CPM) goon assaulting a student with false news portraying the victim as the assaulter!

In fact the violence by the left in Ramjas was proudly owned by several Marxist twitter activists including the one cited in the report linked above. This again is not uncommon at all. Left is very famous for proudly owning up to its massacres and atrocities (as a way of sending message to its enemies), even as it deploys its “intellectual” army to cover up its crimes and apply a coat of white paint in the name of “liberal, progressive” values.

If you recall the rapist savagery in Nandigram, Bengal’s Marxist Chief Minister Bhattacharjee proudly congratulated his army of rapist butchers for having “taught a lesson” to the poor villagers protesting against their land being seized for a Chinese businessman. In Kerala, yet another senior Politburo member openly bragged about killing Congress members and was given a gentle knock on the wrist with feathers as “punishment”. Even Chomsky who delivers lectures on humanism and is one of left’s leading intellectual lights, tried to whitewash the mass murders and Polpotist savagery of his fellow left in Nandigram by saying it should not be raked up for the sake of “left unity”.

Given this background, it is very important for BJP as well as ABVP and the right to put the truth out. Given the rigid control of Stalinist left over the curriculum that has prevented Indian students from learning the true horrors of Marxism in Cambodia, China, North Korea and elsewhere as well as the role of Indian left in supporting and furthering these genocides, Modi government would do well to look closely at how true history and facts can be taught to Indian students so they grow up to be true liberals.