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Oct 19, 2016 - Comments - Politics

Bollywood terror hypocrisy

We look at Bollywood’s hypocrisy that comes to the fore more often than not.

There are many things about Bollywood that Indians can proud of. The sweet melodies of Lata Mangeshkar, golden voice of Md. Rafi, the poetry of Sahir Ludhianvi, the all round magic of Raj Kapoor and so on. No doubt Bollywood has enriched India’s culture and the lives of its ordinary citizens in numerous ways even if you completely ignore it’s contributions towards a more progressive and caring society.

But then there are many things about Bollywood that makes any Indian cringe and be ashamed of, especially when overseas. The outlandish plots, weak story lines, repetitive themes, running around bushes singing songs, blatant plagiarism that rips off not just songs and tunes but entire movies frame by frame from Hollywood, questionable ethics, morals and values in getting funded by mafia and its starlets playing side role as concubines for Indian mafia dons in Dubai and so on.

Add hypocrisy to that list.

This hypocrisy has always been around only it comes to the fore with more visibility whenever there is a terror attack from Pakistan. Remember Mumbai 2611? Bollywood ‘liberal’ Mahesh Bhatt, whose son Rahul was under a cloud for hosting a Pakistani-American jihadi terrorist (supposedly unknowingly) selfishly participated, along with an equally shameless and obnoxious sycophant of the Sonia dynasty, Digvijay Singh, to launch a book that blamed the attack on RSS! Question them, pronto you will be labelled ‘fascist’.

Now we have the likes of Karan Johar, Anurag Kashyap and other Bollywood worthies, joined by equally ‘intellectual’ leftist elites and media divas have donned the convenient liberal mask to question why Pakistani stars should not be allowed to continue working in Indian movies. They pretend to cast themselves in the role of ambassadors of love, affection, brotherhood and what not, conveniently forgetting their choices often boils down to business considerations.

Let’s face it – the decision to cast Pakistani or German or Rwandan actor or a porn star from the USA for that matter, is purely a commercial one, with enormous gains accruing to the Producer, Director and others, should it ‘click’. When that is questioned for genuine reasons, instead of facing up to the reality, our Bollywood tries to fool others into believing they are liberal heroes trying to build bridges of “friendship” and the rest of us are uncouth fascists out to spoil the bonhomie.

Useless questions are asked and given prominence by allies in the media like Barkha Dutt – Is Fawad Khan a terrorist? How can banning them help Kashmir? Did anyone ask Is Barry Richards or Graeme Pollock a racist bigot? How is banning South African cricket going to help its poor black people?

Interestingly, the very same leftist “intellectuals” in liberal mask that now scold us ordinary Indians as illiberal fascists and fanatics for calling for a ban on Pakistanis actors, proudly participate in “Boycott Israel” campaigns, even protesting against harmless orchestras and musicians. No too-clever-by-half questions such as “Will boycotting Israeli Philharmonic orchestra solve Palestinian problem?” etc. Then the roles are reversed. Anyone questioning the ban become a fascist.

Obviously killing Jews is kosher and killing kuffar Hindus is halal presumably because it suits China’s strategic interests. As mandated by the “taller than mountain” friendship of Rawalpindi and Beijing, our leftist elites see absolutely no issues with jihadi terrorism and boycotts are only justified if it punishes its victims.

Of course none of these leftist comrades question their fellow travelers who impose bans on anything that doesn’t please their whims and fancies and of course, Marx/Mao ideologies. Acharya Ramdev cannot speak at JNU, non-left professors cannot survive in Bengal, historians that don’t take instructions from Alimuddin get purged out in PolPotist purges. All the while the noisy ‘freedom’ brigade will collect their rewards and frequent flyer miles and stay silent.

And since it suits their own commercial interests, our Bollywood moghuls, experts in the art of make-up, farce and hypocrisy, quickly wear the liberal mask and join our leftist elites in questioning the patriotism of the rest of us, as if only their brand is the original one!